Snow in RMNP!

Friday's plan: hike to Fern Falls. Elevation: 8150' - 8850'. First destination: the Pool, 1.7 miles from the trailhead.

The last time my husband and I were at this bridge at the Pool in 2002, we took a picture so we took another one for old time's sake.


After crossing the bridge, the trail was up hill for a mile (so it was down hill a mile on the way back!) and it snowed. I was hoping that it would snow! There was a little trickle of rain/snow water in the middle of the path so we walked on the edge to keep our feet from getting soaked.

We made it to Fern Falls (2.7 miles from the trailhead)! We hiked a little farther and ate lunch beneath a tree on a rock before we turned back. Nothing tastes so good as lunch in the woods and in the snow!

On the way back I ran a little, very slowly, hoping to thaw out my cold toes - my first run since the Denver marathon last Sunday. : ) If I lived here, I'd run on the trails all of the time.

The 5 1/2 mile hike took us 3 1/2 hours. I'm so glad that it snowed, something we don't see much in Houston, maybe once a year, maybe not at all.

The clouds sitting just over the mountains made for some pretty views.

 We had a great hike!


  1. I like the fall colors. i also think the snow is pretty even though I see lots of it!

  2. Looks like a wonderful hike. Fall colors are amazing.
    It is raining here in Bay Area but the mountains are getting some snow. I wish I could go.

  3. So magnificently beautiful! If you have the energy/time still today, you could visit Gem Lake just north of town a few miles. It is lovely and has really interesting rock formations. The trail on the "bottom" side of the lake is through open meadows - very pretty - but long - you probably wouldn't want to hike to the lake that way (you can make a big loop). And yes, if you lived here, I bet you would enjoy running the trails everyday!!! :-)

  4. Oh - if you got a wild hair and wanted to do a short run, you can do a quick loop-d-loop thru Beaver Meadows. There is a pull-out parking area in kind of a hairpin turn that starts climbing. It is fun for a short frolic! :-)

  5. HappyTrails, thanks for the trail advice! We hiked the Gem Lake trail today! : )

  6. Gorgeous scenery!! Love that you took a "repeat" pic on the bridge for memories!


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