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Little Red Riding Hood or Is It The Big, Bad Wolf?

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Kara Goucher, Ryan Hall & How Dogs Think...

Q&A with Joan Benoit Samuelson, 53, who hopes to run another sub-2:50 marathon (after age 50) in Chicago next week says, "Run your own race." (Update: Joan Benoit Samuelson ran 2:47:50, a new American women's 50-54 age group record!)

Have you seen Kara Goucher's post with baby photos? Read about two other moms who are running through their pregnancy at The Happy Runner and Mile Posts.

Why Ryan Hall Decided To Not Run Chicago in his own words. It would be tough not to run the marathon after training for it.

How a Dog Brain Works  But I'm so sure that my dog is really much smarter than this. My dog sees the leash and thinks, "Let's run!" My dog sees a steep hill and thinks, "Let's run faster!" We run down the hill and she thinks, "Let's run fastest!" Lots of thinking going on in that brain of hers!

Photo: My daughter gets the credit for dressing our dog up. Have I mentioned how fast your kids grow up, lately? Believe what you hear - it's true!


  1. Enjoyed the post!! So true how fast time flies.

  2. I love your doggie pics! Red is definitely its color!

  3. Love your pretty new page background! I'm such a sucker for pics of dogs and yours is especially cute! :-)

  4. I think I changed my blog 3 times today - looking for something brighter. Hopefully, this is the best of the 3!

  5. Love this post. JBS is my hero!

  6. I wish my brain worked like your dog's on my runs. Well, maybe except for the leash part.

  7. One more comment.
    How did your blog background change when I clicked 'post comment' button? Is this like a reward for commenting or something? :)

  8. Funny! Yes, it's a reward!!!

    Or maybe it's really that I just changed my background for the tenth time this weekend!

  9. How funny, I heard these little news items on Saturday, so exciting. I don't know which is more exciting, Joan's plans or Kara's baby. Your pup is definitely up there in greatness, too.

  10. Great post. big bad wolf i think

  11. I love this last look! SO cheery for sure!

    It's sad sometimes how time flies so fast!

    Loved those links - so glad to have found out about Kara's blog!

  12. Cute pic and yeah, so true about kids. Yikes!

    Thanks for the link ;-)


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