21 Miles with a Camelbak

I wore my husband's 70 oz. Camelbak hydration pack for the first time today. At first the 5 pound pack felt heavy and swayed back and forth, but I tied the pack's straps across my stomach to hold it steady and got used to the weight, too. Because of the placement of this pack's zipper, I was able to unzip the back pocket to get my gels out without stopping. When I opened it after my run, only a few drops of water poured out - so 70 oz. was a perfect amount for a hot day. I really liked the pack.

It was 71-76* and humid during today's 21 mile run. I took a Gu almost every 4 miles (miles 4-16) and 1 ClifBlok between Gu's, wanting to take in more carbs than usual. I drank water every 1-2 miles.

There was drizzle, rain and sunshine, too. I liked the rain, but the sun was almost too much in the later miles, beating down on me. I ran up the bridge a few times to make the run even harder. I figured: now's the time to work hard. If not now, when?

I think this is only the second time I've run 21 miles in training - usually I max out at 20 miles. My pace was slower than I'd like, but it feels good to have finished a 21 mile run on a less than perfect day. Too bad that I had to stop twice, but I knew it would be a hard run because of the humidity. Glad I did it!

Photo: about mile 20 of the Houston marathon route. I ran on the path on the right a few times today. I like running beneath those tall trees and on the soft bed of pine needles.


  1. I have always wondered about a camel pack but just don't see that many runners who use one! Might have to try it out sometime. It's beautiful on that route. Congrats on the 21 miler!!!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day for a long run!
    Yay on 21!!

  3. I should try a camelbak sometime. It is usually so mild here that I may only need one or two drinks in 20 miles! It is HOT there. :)

  4. I am a Nathan girl for running but for hiking Camelbacks are my favorite.
    Congratulations on 21!
    Happy Turkey Day.

  5. I've been using a fuel belt but thinking about getting the larger capacity hydration pak to be able to accommodate more miles. The belt already has me spoiled to not having the hassle with dropping waters.

    Tough day for a 20 miler. I ran at the track tonight after 5:00 pm, dark and still 70 degrees and 100% humidity at least. This type of run makes us tough, right? Please say yes.

  6. HappyFeet26.2, yes, this humid running is making us tougher! Maybe it will get cooler in December for both of us. We can hope!

  7. humidity is HARD! it's been warm here - very balmy 72 and humid, so i bet it's a little warmer there. 21 - wow!!! how many more close to 20 or so mile runs will you do before the marathon?

  8. Kate, I hope that I have time to run at least two or three more of these long runs. Oh yeah, you've got it warm, too. Cannot wait for it to cool down, but it is nice to run in shorts in November.

  9. Hydration packs are good! Great job on your 21 miles - that's a LONG way to run all by your lonesome. How lovely 70's sound - ahhhhh! :-)

  10. very true! love running in shorts in november!!!
    happy thanksgiving tina! :)


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