Buffalo Bayou 18 Mile Run

Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston

I'm happy to say that I finally finished my long run today.
My dog and I began running down my street and a loose little, barking dog came running towards us. The owner said it wouldn't bite. Is there anyone on the planet who finds comfort in those words?! We finally outran it and ran to Memorial Park and back home where I left Zoe and drank some Gu Brew.

Then I ran to Buffalo Bayou Park. There were a few hills - yay! (Houston's mostly flat.) I saw very few walkers or runners which would have make me feel safer.

When I ran beneath one bridge, there was a horrible stench and it was dark so I turned around to run up near the road instead. Then I heard high-pitched screeching and I realized that I was at the Waugh Street bridge - known for being a bat hangout. That explained the smell.

Later, I survived running through an intersection where I hoped the driver who didn't acknowledge me when I was at the corner wouldn't run me over when I ran in front of her car. It's good to be all in one piece.

 I had wanted to slowly pick up the pace today, but by the time I ran the last 4 miles in Memorial Park, I was out of energy and had a marathon-like desire to walk. Never did, though. Stoplights and water stops don't count! I had eaten a Mandarin Orange Gu (good) at mile 9.5 and an Island Nectars Roctane Gu (tastes like pineapple) at mile 13.5, so what was my problem? When I got home, I saw the temperature: 76*F. I'm pretty sure the heat zapped my energy.

Running in a new place, Buffalo Bayou Park, made the miles go by faster. Even though it was warm, I didn't get a stomach ache and my fingers didn't get puffy which sometimes happens on a long run - maybe because I drank less. So glad to be finished!


  1. I love bats though the caves we visited where they overwintered smelled pretty bad.
    Sounds you did very well on your run especially in those temps. 50's is what I like best.

  2. Sounds like you had a good run despite of the heat. And that's all it matters. Have a great weekend!

  3. Man, I don't think I have seen 76F in weeks! Never had the roctane gu but the flavors sound good. :) Way to persevere!

  4. Hi there, and thank you for the comment on my blog! All your running is inspiring, and your dog is gorgeous! I look forward to reading more! :)

  5. just b/c a dog doesn't bite does NOT mean we want it chasing us! gotta love "responsible" pet owners...

    way to go on the long run! well, minus the bat stench.

  6. wow, it's warmed up there, too! i'm sure it was the heat that zapped those last 4 miles. but nonetheless, kudos to you for keeping on and finishing.
    i'm so glad you turned around from that "batty" tunnel! yikes!!!

  7. Sounds like an interesting run - chased by a potentially rabid little dog (they all "don't bite" - right!), bat encounter, a desolate park, inattentive drivers,and energy zapping heat in mid November! Lots of variety! How did Zoe react to the dog chasing you??? Have a great week!

  8. Zoe just kept running with me. Fortunately!

  9. It's hard to imagine the heat after my 42 degree run today. Sounds like it was an interesting run in spite of the enrgy zap!


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