Denver Marathon Too Long?

The 26.3628 Mile Denver Marathon Finish Line
Sunday, I did some treadmill speedwork and Monday, I ran a little faster than usual for a recovery run which made me very sore that night, as in I can't remember the last time I was this sore!

Tuesday, all was well and I ran 8 miles in the rain. I was starving (unusual) and didn't bring any food (more unusual) so I filled up on water at the water fountains. The dark sky, the gentle rain, the quiet path, running fast for 4 miles - liked it!

Looks like there's more than one reason that my Garmin told me that I ran more than marathon distance on October 17, 2010 in Denver and it's not just that I'm really bad at running tangents. According to my Garmin: 26.62 miles.

And at RunColo the race measurer of the Denver Marathon states the route was .144 mile long at the bridge that we crossed twice at mile 23.5 - my "slowest" mile.

This would be a different post if I missed my goal by a minute, but I missed it by 11 minutes, so with the marathon length at 26.344, my average pace drops 3 seconds per mile to 9:33. Getting faster. Like that!

Update: The course was too long and our times have been adjusted. It was 26.3628 long.


  1. I love rainy runs.
    Garmins are not 100% accurate for distance and even worse for figuring out elevation.

  2. YAY for faster. Bummer Garmins can't be 100% accurate.

  3. Love when the speed increases! Yeah!

  4. no matter which time you go by - great times to me! I usually eat when i get hungry not drink :) just saying - in friendly way.:) something like those peanut butter cookies staring at me right now at the end of your posting. saying i might like this post. mmmmm peanut butter cookies mmmmmm :)

  5. The bummer about the course discrepancy - someone from Boulder was helping a friend try to BQ and his friend missed by just 45 seconds. That's not right.

    Glad you had a good rain run!

  6. In that case you should probably round up to 30miles, just to be safe ;)

    Of all races - a marathon is not the one I want extra distance in! LOL

  7. Wow... I'm surprised that it was long and even more surprised that they admitted it.


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