Denver RnR Marathon Too Long!

Bunny Love!

Yesterday I had a great 10 mile run. Temps were down in the 50's and I took Zoe, my dog, with me for the first four miles. She's fast and I just hung on! For at least a mile, one of her long floppy ears was thrown up over her head - silly dog! Photo: you know she wants to throw that bunny in the air and chomp it right down!

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Today I woke up to find a message in my Google Reader stating that the Denver RnR Marathon course was .14 of a mile long at the bridge (the toughest stretch). Here's part of the post from the RnR folks, "Unfortunately, the marathon turnaround on the 8th Ave viaduct was placed incorrectly. While the course certification and measurement were both done accurately, race morning the turnaround was mistakenly set up in the wrong place due to confusion with other painted marks on the road. We sincerely apologize for any and all disappointment and inconvenience this has caused our runners." Here's a Denver Post article on the subject.

Ronald says, "That was your longest marathon ever!"

Fortunately, I had been told by a couple of people about the long course/update already. Thank you, Steve, Kim and Jill! I was glad to see my time adjusted from 4:11:35 to 4:10:38, a 57 second difference. It's too bad about the mix-up and I hate that it happened on the toughest part of the course, but the training continues. Next goals: train hard, have fun, and finish in 4 hours... Or less! ; ) No harm in hoping!

Can you see Ronald McDonald in the photo?! I can't believe that I can't remember seeing him standing there at the marathon finish even though the man in the orange cap handed me some sliced apples and talked to me, too! (I'm in the pink/white tank.)


  1. Roland rocks. Long Rnr's don't boo!!

    Ilove my 310xt too. Does anyone know why the dang thing can't tell "real" time though?! It CAN do everything else!!

  2. If you're saying that you don't see the clock on your Garmin, choose Time of Day in the Data Fields. Hope that fixes it!

  3. Sweet! Denver was an ULTRA :)

  4. I like the ultra comment! :)

    I'll be cheering you on for your next one, Tina!

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog and it's nice to meet Zoe, too. I'm convinced my fastest runs are when my little Walden pulls me along!

  6. Denver will make Houston seem super short now :).

  7. Your dog is beautiful, I LOVE weimies!
    On another note, I was searching 'homemade arm warmers' and came upon your blog! funny since you were already in my 'running blog' favortites folder =) Anyway, I am thinking of trying to make my own arm warmers like you did...any tips? Just get a pair of good thick tights and cut off the top and feet? Is that it?
    Thank you!

  8. Thank you, I love 'em, too!

    Funny about you getting back to my blog for the arm warmers! Yes, that's all there is to making them - so easy! Mine aren't esp. thick, but I live in Houston so I don't need for them to be too warm. (For those who haven't seen it yet, there's a link in my blog sidebar about my homemade arm warmers.)

  9. I wonder how they knew how to adjust the time. Awesome that they did. Terrible that it happened.

  10. I always love the photos of Zoe - those eyes are just screaming, "P-L-E-A-S-E, N-O-W!!!" - she is so adorable! I agree with Jill - Houston will seem short, a walk in the park! :-)

  11. I just looked up your GoodReads page - what is your method on deciding what book you are going to sit down with??? I go to the library/bookstore and I become overwhelmed!!! :-)
    I am reading what I think is a very good book so far (30 or 40 pages in) - Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levine. Seems to be thoughtful, factual, substantive - well spoken. I am enjoying it so far!

  12. We have that book on tape! It's been awhile since I listened to it, but from what I remember, it was good.

    At the library, I might look through the new (usually non-fiction) books available. Some of the books I read are ones we're going through at church or even what I find on our own bookshelves! No method, unfortunately!

  13. what a deal! extra time shaved off :) i'm sure they still miscalculated and you really should have had ~20 mins taken off ;) hey one can dream right?

  14. Your next goals sound great and you CAN do a 4 hour marathon!! You have such a wonderful training ethic and you're smart and determined. You can do it!
    That was funny about Ronald. I see pictures from races and wonder why I didn't notice something before. I guess we just zone out and at the end, we're just out of it!

  15. Boy, I can learn a lot reading your comments here!

    Thanks for the tip- i am going to play with that link you gave me :)And I'm going to make my own arm warmers too!

  16. Maybe it's a good thing you didn't see Ronald after the race! I remember feeling a little out of my element at the end so perhaps it's from 26 miles!

    You totally can break 4 hours. You've got such a great foundation. And maybe training in cooler weather now will help a lot. (At least I'm hoping!)

    I'm going to check out the arm sleeves link now. :)

  17. So I just found your blog and I am absolutely loving reading it!!
    Great job on your marathon and that is awesome that they took the time off!

  18.!! I'm so glad they adjusted the times. How frustrating!! I'm sure that sub 4 is in your very near future!! Houston, here you come!!!

  19. Belated congratulations, well done!


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