Hilly Desert Run

"I'm going faster than I thought I would," I yelled to my support crew.
"Yeah, well, it's only been two miles!" My husband likes to sprinkle my life with reality. ; )
"9:07 average," I yelled back. : )

My husband dropped me off 10 miles from our cabin and followed behind, taking pictures and offering me a Twinkie just before I tackled this hill. Because that's what support crews are for, right?!
I kept my eye out for wild animals.
But all I saw were ten horses. 
I wish I ran by horses every day. This is livin'!
Oh, and without feeling sick, I ran within a couple of feet of a very large dead javelina. This isn't him. Your welcome! ; )
This is a javelina who visited the McDonald Observatory when we were there to see huge telescopes and viewed the sun and solar flares, too.

Eight miles into my run, my average was 9:03 (Yahoo!) and then I finished the run with two miles mostly uphill on a rocky dirt road.
And even though I was tempted to take a walk break on the hills, I never did!
 Friday, 11/26/10. 10 miles at 9:24/mi average. 50*
Ft. Davis, Texas. Elevation: 5864-5021'.
Lots of downhills, but the uphills are what I remember most. ; )


  1. Any snakes out there?

  2. I kept my eyes out for them and was surprised that I didn't see one snake! I didn't mind not seeing any while I was out running by myself!

  3. What a lovely area! Very quiet and peaceful. And so nice that you had your support crew tailing you in the car and documenting the moment no less. We enjoyed the video - it made us smile! So, you didn't say - did you EAT the Twinkie that Eric offered???!!! :-)
    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time away!

  4. Ha, ha! No Twinkies on the run for me! Just a gel. I'm so boring!

  5. Wow! So jealous of the dry weather and beauty! Breathtaking! Great workout too =D

    How long are you guys there?

  6. We're back home now and just like every other vacation, now it's time to tackle the mountain of laundry. Maybe now I should eat a Twinkie for energy!

  7. WOW! That my friend is dedication for sure! I thought I liked hills, but those, at that pace, well, you just rock girl! Sounds like it was a nice vacation.

  8. How awesome!! What is a javelina? A pig?

  9. So peaceful! Love the photos, not so much the hill, although I did read "dessert" first instead of desert...

  10. Thanks, Terri, wasn't sure I could make it without stopping on the hills since I don't get in a lot of hill running here in Houston.

    Ms.Diva, I added a javelina link. They look a lot like wild pigs. I asked a local about them before the run and he said they'd probably ignore me. Phew!

    Lindsay, sorry to get your hopes up. ; )

  11. I love running in remote places like that. What a gorgeous run!

  12. haha, that would have been ME to post a pic of a dead animal! haha ;)

    wow, what a great pace! i can't imagine ever running 9:07 but i sure hope i can just once! it's a goal for sure!!

    what a beautiful run! i loved the pics! so glad you had some animals to look at too. wonder if the horses were surprised to see you?! they may not see many runners there. but then again, maybe they do!

  13. AWESOME RUN!!! I loved the pictures. Your husband is the best support crew ever. You better have taken him up on the twinkie:) P.S. thanks for the sweet comment today:)

  14. Great pace! Loved the video. A javelina is something I don't see every day on a run. I don't even know quite what they are.

  15. the video was great. My husband would have said the EXACT same thing. :)
    speaking of hubby, he is in west texas on a hunting trip. somewhere near the border.

    Pics are beautiful - what a GREAT place to run. I run my some horses, and cows frequently and it makes me happy.

  16. WOW! I love this! No idea where Ft Davis is, but the hills remind me of Northern California! I'll be in Dallas over New Years. Will probably bring my running clothes... you inspired me!


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