Houston Marathon Miles 17-21

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I ran 16 miles, partly on the Chevron Houston Marathon route on Friday. I ran through Memorial Park and ran miles 17-21 of the marathon twice and then ran back into the park. There was a downhill section that I hadn't noticed before and miles 17-19 felt shorter than I remembered so it was a good training run.

I missed a turn and went through a couple of extra intersections that I didn't need to, bringing my total number of intersections that I ran through to 12 - running through them and over the buckling sidewalks on Woodway were the only negative parts of the run.

Here's what the marathon portion was like. Let's start at mile 17 at San Felipe and Tanglewood. Turn right onto Tanglewood, a shady street with big trees and big houses that might distract you from your exhaustion just a little bit, I hope.


 During the marathon, there will be people standing outside of their houses and sitting in lawn chairs cheering you forward. One year a family handed out cold water bottles.

Make two right turns and run down Woodway. Enjoy the gentle downhill section. Don't forget to look to the right to see the large church building - a pretty sight.

Once you run under the freeway underpass, you'll have a couple of gentle uphills (they aren't fun, but they aren't as bad as the bridge in the Denver Marathon around mile 23 that we ran over twice and they're nothing compared to Big Sur). These are not the kind of hills where once you top them, you'll soon be coasting downhill because you won't be, but at least the road does flatten out. You want the truth, right?!

Once I got into the park, I turned off the marathon route and ran on the park path. I picked up the pace and was feeling great. Getting home and seeing my pace for the last five miles (marathon pace!) didn't hurt either!

Speaking of hurt, I skipped the ice bath because I was cold when I got home. The verdict: I didn't notice a difference from the times when I do torture myself with an ice bath, but maybe that's because 16 miles isn't too hard on my body, unlike a marathon. 

The next day, I enjoyed dressing up and going to Jones Hall, just a few minutes from home, to see the The 5 Browns, a sibling group of five pianists who played these five grand pianos. Fun! 


  1. You are right, this part does not look too intimidating but these are 17-21 miles and anything can happen then.
    Grand concert clip looked like a lot of fun. They will be playing in our area in March. I will have to check them out.

  2. The 5 Browns!! What fun! They are soooo fun to listen to - amazing talent!

    Loved the pics of your route. My aunt is in Houston and keeps telling me to come run that marathon. Too bad it's sold out. It looks like a fun, fairly flat, pretty course!! You are going to rock it!

  3. Nice pictures of the route, I never picture Texas with so many trees but I know it's much greener than our area!
    The piano presentation sounded like fun, especially the fact that they are siblings. I'm glad you had fun!

  4. What a great way to get ready. Glad you had a great run and didn't suffer for missing the ice bath.

  5. I found you! Great blog! I love the route photos. :)
    Also, saw in your sidebar...very interesting about Denver. Long course with altitude? Wowzers.

  6. The concert looks awesome, totally something I would enjoy!

    Not sure if you got an email or not, but there was a blip on the news last night that the race director of the Denver Marahton mismarked the course an extra 764', so marathon times are re-adjusted and I think you get to knock 45 or 50 seconds off your time :). Check online your new official time, if you haven't done so.

  7. I love those pictures!!! I was just in Houston and tried to send you a message to your blog about running together, but i didn't type it right on my iphone and i wasn't able to send it. And, as it turned out, I didn't end up having time, anyway. I stayed at the Omni Hotel and LOVED seeing so many runners in the park!!! I kept wondering if you were among them. I hope to run with you the next time I'm out there! I love Houston!

  8. I'm so sorry I missed seeing you!

  9. Thanks for the little preview. I'll have to revisit this in January so no surprises!


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