West Texas

I'm on my first Texas desert vacation, in Ft. Davis!

After driving 10 hours to our rental cabin at Sproul Ranch, my husband and I stretched out our legs with a bike ride down the road beside our cabin.
Here's the ranch greeter who met us at our cabin - he didn't say much, but we felt welcome just the same. One of the first things I noticed when we got here was how loudly I talked. Out here in the desert, it's just so quiet.
As soon as it was light this morning, I ran 6 miles on the dirt road beside our cabin. Hello, pink sunrise! It was so quiet that I heard a bird's wings flapping in the sky - twice! And look what I ran by, making this a once in a lifetime run because I doubt I'll ever run by one of these radio telescopes again - there are only 10 in the whole world.
Time for a hike! We hiked to the top of a mountain in Davis Mountains State Park for a 360 degree view of West Texas. The elevation in the area is 5000' and higher - makes me thirsty and a little slower.
It's night time now and I just came in from the freezing cold. I can't believe the number of stars I can see in the desert sky without a telescope, but then we used it to see Jupiter's rings. And if that wasn't enough, I saw the Milky Way without the telescope.


  1. Sounds great especially the night sky.

  2. What a fabulous place to run! Breathtaking (and not just because of the altitude!) It looks like someplace I'd love to go for a little running vacation this time of year =D

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    www.elktonrunner.blogspot.com Come and visit :)

  3. how quiet and peaceful!! i am craving that these days... oh to hear a birds wing flap in the sky... beautiful pictures! enjoy the rest of your time there together. :)

  4. That sounds like an awesome trip! The night sky is one of my favorite things to see when I'm out of the city lights.

  5. I have never been to Texas, but I have an IG friend who posts all the time from there and I was curious when I saw your post :) It looks lovely. I have seen the Milky way up from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Oct. It is aweosme how you can see so much more when you get in some elevation and have the darkness.


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