22 Miles & My Charm Camelbak

Ready to Run 22 Miles w/ New Pack
Today I completed my longest training run ever! I used my Camelbak on this cool, but sunny, 35-50* day. In my short pockets I stored 4 Jet Blackberry Gu gels and 6 Strawberry ClifBloks. Both taste good even though I think I can taste the 2X caffeine in the gel.

Halfway through, I turned my music on and that helped me to pick up the pace. Before the run, I was curious about how the last couple of miles would work out. Would I be exhausted? Would my legs feel heavy? But it was fine. Splits for mile 20 - 8:41, mile 21 - 8:36 and mile 22 - 8:47. Average pace for 22 miles - 9:09/mile. Now, if only I can do that during a marathon!

Thanks to Camelbak.com for photo.
I like my new Charm Camelbak (2010 version), but it swayed back and forth a little so I tied the loose straps (hanging off the shoulder straps) across my stomach to stop the swaying. (Update: I put on a $2 buckle that works great.) This one was easier to carry than the 70 ounce one I carried on my last long run of 21 miles.

It was a great run except for the two holes I put in my socks from my big toe nails. Hopefully, that doesn't mean I'll be getting a couple of new black toe nails. Update: looks like my toes are going to be fine. : )

I finished the day with a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich because shouldn't every good-run-day end with ice cream?! : )


  1. Ooh! Hold on to your toenails!

    That's a great pace and way to hold on to your gels :D . I haven't tried those flavors. You are going to be so ready!!

  2. excellent run. I think those extra 2 will help you at Houston. I just tried the Jet Blackberry last wk for the 1st time, I think it's my new favorite.

    Training run followed by ice cream....life is GRAND!

  3. Matching t-shirt? Cool.
    I think every day (running or not) should have some ice cream in it.
    Boy, you are fast.

  4. I assumed you stopped and pulled the camelback off to reach for the gels or could you twist your arm around and grab them on the run? curious about this - i would like to upgrade from my current camelback. which one did you buy and do you recall the mens version of yours if they have one?

  5. Woo hoo!
    Yes, running that far deserves an ice cream sandwich!

  6. Love Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches!

    That is an AWESOME pace!

    And I had a bit of a hard time getting past the shorts pockets comments as I plowed through snow to get into my house tonight.

  7. Slomohusky, I can reach around to the back pocket on my husband's Camelbak Classic 70oz Pack (2008), but not on my new one (Charm version for women). On the Charm, the pocket is in the center of my back, but on the Classic, the pocket runs up and down and was fairly easy for me to reach into.

    AJH, I wish I could send some warm Texas weather your way!

  8. great job on your run

  9. Did your back feel ok after running 20+ with the 50oz'er? I'm very interested in trying one. But I'm worried I won't be able to return or sell it if I don't like it. hmmm... Is it easy to clean?
    I love Jet Blackberry. I bought a case of those during training. :)

  10. Kate, no back pain. The more you drink, the lighter the pack gets and maybe that helps.

    No trouble cleaning so far. We have a Camelbak cleaning kit, but I haven't needed it yet. I may only put water in my pack because I'm concerned about sugary drinks not completely washing out. Water is my favorite drink on the run anyway.

  11. I'm thinking about a Camelbak as I begin to train for my ultra. I've wondered about swaying. Thanks for the review!


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