3 Minutes is So Long

I just finished my worst speed workout ever! The workout: warm-up, 3 minutes @ 10K pace every 5 minutes, cool-down. That doesn't sound too hard. The problem: I ran nowhere near 10K pace.

I'm guessing putting in lots of miles and my cold is slowing me down. At least I felt like a tough cookie for running 9.5 miles in the cold rain and wind. (55°, though, so nowhere near freezing.) I'm so glad I finished before the thunder and lightning storm hit.

In my last post, I said I drank less on cold days. Here are a couple of running articles about drinking:

Drinking By Thirst Works by Matt Fitzgerald

Weight Loss During Marathon Improves Running Time: Less Fluid Intake May Improve Performance for Marathoners

The Rules About Fluids: Drink According to Thirst

I took the above photo when I was out shopping at Academy. (Gu gels are 6 for $5.50.) In a pick-up, quietly sat five white dogs watching all of the people taking pictures of them. Three minutes is a long time if you're running intervals, but if people are treating you like royalty just because you're cute, it's really not long enough!


  1. I thought they didn't like waiting for 3 minutes!

  2. Ha, ha! Your comment got me thinking and I added that last sentence to my post.

  3. What cute pups!
    Unforch, not every run is going to be a good one. Some are downright BAAAAD. But you were STILL doing speedwork. That counts for something! Your fast twitch muscles and your heart still benefited from speeding up! Way to go!

  4. Funny edited post :)

    I love intervals based on time. Way cool. And you don't need a stupid track. (I don't have one)

  5. Cute pups!! Bummer about your cold....that would definitely slow me down!! Great articles, thanks for the links:)

  6. no pain, no gain! or how about - hurt so good! just trying to cheer you on for getting that speedwork done!
    ahhh those 5 doggies are soooo cute!!

  7. congratulations with your motivation of doing that kind of sport. I admire you x



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