Bacon PB Cookies & the Track

I just made bacon peanut butter cookies. To make them, I added cooked bacon to my peanut butter cookie recipe. They were fun to try once for the novelty of it, but they don't beat plain old peanut butter cookies, but then - that would be hard to beat!

My husband took the cookies to work. Looks like they liked them!

Today I took the long way to the track to warm up. The pine trees beside the track smelled good and it was quiet. Well, except for the I-10 highway which is on the other side of the trees. : O

Today's speedwork: 2 sets of 800m, 600m, 400, 200m with 1 minute recovery rests, and a 3 minute recovery rest between sets. My second set was faster than the first. I needed a warm up - after my warm up! I want to repeat this workout to see if I can improve my times. I was pretty slow today. Maybe it was because I forgot my Ipod! 10 miles total today.

I tried something new when I ate out at lunch: whole wheat pasta, artichokes, roasted tomatoes, olives, olive oil, pesto, cheese - thanks to a BOGO Cafe Express coupon. It was good and it would be easy to make at home.


  1. I love anything with bacon... yum!

  2. hmmm???? not sure that even sounds good to me and I LOVE peanut butter, and I LOVE bacon, but together??? Think I will eat my bacon first and peanut butter cookies for dessert.

    Have you tried Olive's Garden's Shrimp Primavera? Yummo!

  3. This is strange enough to try, I think... Or maybe I'll just eat the bacon. Yeah, I'll just eat the bacon.

  4. We just got back to town from a few days away so now I've got to get caught up on all the blog activity! The pasta dish sound delicious and the peanut butter bacon cookies - hmmmm.... I love PB and bacon but not sure about together??? I wear an older Camelback Charm and LOVE it - I don't even feel it. Do you have a chest strap? That helps. Also, I have found that tightening the shoulder straps so the pack rides a bit higher on the back helps with any sway. Once you get the fit dialed in, I think you will enjoy it!

  5. that is definitely interesting! glad they seemed to be a hit :)

  6. The pasta looks delicious!! I am not sure about bacon and PB cookies. Haha! I love both, but me old fashioned. =D
    They probably make a great refueling food, though!!!

    So, the workout wasn't what you hoped? I am sure it was just the missing tunes- or an off day.

    I noticed too that you've had some killer long runs lately and it may be that you are a little fatigued still. I don't think it's anything to worry about :)

    You'll be SO ready for Houston!!!

  7. pb and bacon... now that's cool!!!

    i hear it's warm there again.

    very cool speedwork - 2 sets of each. are you doing those once a week?

  8. Yeah, I usually do some kind of speedwork once a week. Yesterday was warm, tomorrow will be chilly!


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