Houston Marathon Expo

It's exciting to finally get to run the Houston marathon. I'll think of the encouraging comments that you've left here on my blog while I'm out there. : ) 

These are all of the free goodies I picked up at the expo today. I like the t-shirt. If you're going to the expo, pick your shirt up right after you get your packet so they're more likely to have your size. And when you finish your race, pick your shirt up ASAP.

Rain is possible on race day, but zippers may interfere with our bib timing chip so a zippered jacket's out. I've only run one race in the rain and that 5K was shortened. I didn't know that it was short until the race was over. The first thing I saw was my speedy finishing time. Elation - for a second! ; )

I found Asics GT2150 shoes for only $50. Fun shopping! 

If there's lightning, we might start late. I better carry an extra snack, just in case. They might change the course because of rain. This may be quite the adventure! Only 2 days until the marathon!


  1. So many possible changes! I would be checking the weather 24/7!!!

    The haul from the expo was pretty nice :)

    Looks like you are READY!!!

  2. Nice shoes, too :) and I like the font change.

  3. having run and finsihed 8 marathons, i bet you're up for the adventure!!! i'll be thinking of you sunday morning. :) in the during time, have fun EATING!!!!

  4. i should have said *ran* ;)

  5. Good luck, and have fun! It really is a great event. I have a very good feeling that you can finish well under four hours. With all the hard work you have done, you deserve it.

  6. Tina where did you hear about the course change? My husband was saying to me he thought some of the course areas had the potential to flood. It will be interesting indeed! The Expo was a lot of fun today!

  7. That's some great loot! Good luck- I'm rooting for you!!!

  8. i'll be thinking of you sunday morning! you'll do awesome!!

  9. Thanks, All! : )

    Terri, it must have been in one of the emails from the marathon folks, but I did a quick search online and found on the local news that this was said, "There is also the possibility of condensing the course."

  10. Have a great run.
    OK, I am late with commenting but I promise I'' be keeping my fingers crossed while you run so you have a good time.


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