Marathon Dress Rehearsal

Today's 5 miler with 2 marathon paced miles reminded me of what not to do in the first few miles of the Houston marathon. Don't start out too fast. At first, it will feel easy, but 26.2 miles is a long way!

At the start of the Houston marathon, there will be crowds of people cheering us forward. I'll be rested from a 3 week taper that felt like forever (2 1/2 weeks so far) and I'll be ready to go!

And I will probably have crazy thoughts of running this marathon faster than ever because I'm a dreamer! And if I run too fast at the start, I'll tire long before I see the finish line. And I'll wish I was running a half marathon or a 10K even. And I'll miss my goal.

Today was a dress rehearsal, but I might change my mind before the race. I wore my green hat and my shorts with homemade pockets. There was one race where I wore an orange shirt so that my family could easily see me. All of the runners wore orange that day! So maybe if I go low-key and wear the gray shirt I wore today, I'll stand out. Only 5 days to go!


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan!
    So excited for you! Wish I was there to see you finish.

  2. what's the weather going to be like?
    can't wait to hear how it goes! u are going to run it so well!!

  3. YAY for dress rehearsals!


  4. Looks like the temp will be 50-70 that day with a real feel low of 40 and possible rain. Hopefully, it won't get too close to 70 before I'm finished and maybe the rain situation will change before then. Hoping!

  5. Have a great race!

  6. It's funny how in the early miles you feel like you can run a faster pace forever. Hope the weather will be ok. Good Luck!

  7. It seems like the orange shirt would be a sure thing. Who would ever guess?

    Good luck!

  8. Best wishes ... START SLOW ... that's what I always tell myself, but seldom heed my own adivice. You'll do great!

  9. I love the pockets. I'm thinking about seweing some netting for pockets to the outside of my shorts like they do for race ready shorts. Those reace ready shorts aren't the most flattering on me. Glad to see how you did hers so I can get ideas! Enjoy your taper!

  10. Life is good, isn't it???!!! Love the hat! My vote is to go with a colorful shirt - more photogenic!!! You are going to do great - make sure to enjoy your day!

  11. Oh you're gonna do great Tina!!! I think my friend Sherry Mcshan Johnson is going to run the marathon with you!! Wishing everything wonderful. I have no doubt you're gonna do awesome!! You've practiced well! Sending you a truckload of good and warm thoughts your way!!!

  12. ooo, that is warm! praying for dry weather and perfect temps! can't wait to hear how it goes! you're going to run well :)


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