Metatarsalgia, Maybe

I have a dull pain in my right forefoot and it hurts to flex my toes and walk after today's 20 mile run. I did some online research and found this video on treating metatarsalgia, which might be my problem. Other than the pain I felt for a couple of minutes during the run, it was a good run.

The temperature was in the upper 30's. Wearing shorts and two shirts was a good choice. I ate a Gu gel at miles 7 & 12.5 and had the energy to pick up the pace at the end. Miles 17 - 19: 8:35-9:00. Ave. 20 mile pace: 9:17/mile. Only 3 weeks until the Houston marathon!

When I run I feel His pleasure. - Eric Liddell, Olympic athlete & missionary 


  1. i LOOOOOVE that quote!!!
    does the pain affect you off and on during the run or just a little in the beginning? very interesting; i'm def. reading about it.
    great run!
    (i tried a long run last night with no gu - i survived! ;))

  2. Fortunately, I only felt the pain once during the run, about mile 4. Glad you survived!

  3. This is a very nice pace.
    Hope the pain doesn't come back. I am a bit paranoid about running aches and pains but after months of battling achilles I want to be careful.

  4. Thanks, Ewa! My foot feels much better today.

  5. that's so odd that it comes after a warmup and then goes away. i'm always interested in the anatomy of the runner. can't you tell?!!

  6. I love that quote, too! Glad you are feeling better from your cold. Glad too, that the pain in your foot seems to be under control. The woods near your house look so pretty! I am SO behind on the blog roll.... I gotta get caught up!
    Have a great rest of your week and keep feeling better!

  7. Glad the pain is better! Congrats on making it to taper time, the best part of training. I'm jealous that you were running in shorts! I had my one day in Florida of running in shorts and now it's back to temps near 0. Oh, well. Yeah for a great run!


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