Speedwork - Let's Try it Again!

Is that a squirrel? Ignore it, Zoe! Good dog! We walked through the woods after my 10 mile run. Four blocks from home, this was one of the best parts of today's earlier run when it was misty and the leaves crunched beneath my feet.

Today's workout goal: warm-up, (3 minutes @ 10K pace w/2 minute recovery rest) x 10, cool-down. I repeated last Wednesday's workout to see if I could improve on that dismal workout. I did! 7 of the 10 intervals were faster than 8:00/mi today and last week I only ran 2 intervals at about 9:00/mile and the rest were slower.

How did I improve? This week I am almost competely well after having a doozy of a cold (just a few sniffles now), I watched my Garmin to encourage me to stay where I was or to speed up and listened to fast music. Plus, it wasn't raining. It was 65° today, 10° warmer, but that was a nice change from being cold.

Okay, now onto couponing! Big change of subject, but I saw a TV show about saving hundreds of dollars by using coupons and then I found CouponMom.com online. Have any coupon tips?


  1. 65?! so jealous!!

    ok, I'm off to check out that site. Thanks!

  2. Nice work, girl!!!

    I have NO coupon help...wish I did..but I only get released to go to town a few times a month ;) and then I just get all the food in one place, everything else in another spot.

    Thanks for reminding me on the Chili! I will put that one in too- I often used taco soup and CHili interchangeably since the main difference is in liquid tomato and a can of corn vs. no corn.

    Getting close to your race! Must be excited!!! I wonder how the weather in Houston will be.

  3. Great workout! Beautiful Weimmy! I envy the weather!

  4. Can't imagine 65 degrees. Or 10 below that as far as that goes!

  5. Slomohusky, yes, that's what my dog is saying there - too funny!

    Thanks, everybody, for stopping by and leaving comments today!

  6. we have Publix here which is like HEB there. they accept other store coupons as well!

    you are having great weather there - wow! it's supposed to maybe snow here this sun/mon! (right when i hope to run again!)

    you are SOOOO ready for that marathon! excited for you!


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