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Accel Gel & Hallo!

I tried a vanilla and a chocolate Accel Gel for the first time on my 15 mile run. They were overly sweet and were the thinnest consistency I've ever had. Accel Gels are different from most gels because they contain protein. I felt good while running and post-run, too, except for mild stomach cramps, but sometimes I get those.
I tried them because they were on sale at Academy for 75 cents - half price. I prefer gel to be thicker and less sweet, but I would use them if they helped me to run better - more experimenting needed.
Soon, for the first time, my husband and I will be traveling out of the US for a vacation. We're going to Norway, Scotland and London! I can't wait to see Scottish castles, have tea in London, maybe see a Norwegian fjord, run in other countries and take hundreds of pictures.
First stop: Norway! I've read that many people speak English, but I'd like to learn a few Norwegian words before we go.
Hello = Hallo Goodbye = Ha det I do not understand = Jeg…

From Laughter to Sunshine


I ran the first part of my 12 mile run on Monday with my dog who heard a siren as we were running. Up went her nose in the air. Then she let out a long string of howls while we kept running - made all of us around her laugh.
Wednesday, I ran 7 miles with five 800 meter intervals. I did well on one interval, okay on three of them and would rather forget the other one.
For lunch that day, I had a grilled chicken, onion, feta cheese and tomato whole wheat pita from Zoe's - same name as my dog! That meal inspired today's salad topped with chicken, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrots and walnuts.

Today I ran 6.5 miles in beautiful weather - 50° and sunny. O humidity, humidity, wherefore art thou humidity? Nowhere! Oh, happy day!

Trails, Eats, Vit. D


I ventured out onto the Memorial Park trails again for a run with my dog, setting my Garmin to auto-pause so that I don't have to remember to start it after stopping it after water breaks. Many of the trails start out easy (see photo), but quickly become narrow with turns, a few hills, branches to poke your eyes and lots of roots to trip over. The highlight of the run was when I managed to save myself from falling after tripping on a root and finding myself flying through the air.

Today's 6 miler was fueled by last night's mac & cheese. My husband and I tried a new place for dinner, Jus' Mac. They served our macaroni and cheese in small cast iron frying pans. It was delicious, but so rich that I could only eat half. This is good - probably saved me from about 1000 calories. Today I ate a salad topped with chicken, apples and toasted walnuts - a good combo.

 I found this article at Outside Magazine on vitamin D interesting because I've been taking 2000 IU o…

Trails, Grits & Links

I ran on the Memorial Park trails Saturday and saw my first cardinal of the year. I was so busy watching for roots and tree branches that I hardly checked my Garmin, but after a while I noticed that mile 4 never became mile 5. I forgot to turn my Garmin back on after a trail map stop. So I was out there for about 1 1/2 hours - longer than planned, but it sure was fun. Next time: use the auto-pause setting.

Yesterday I ate my first grits which taste similar to cream of wheat. They're high in carbohydrates and iron and are inexpensive. I'll eat them again - they taste okay and Ryan Hall eats them, too. Sardines are on his food list, too. No, thank you!
Links for runners: there's the The Myth of LSD, running articles at D3 MultiSport and nutrition at Wellness Alerts like this about caffeine and athletes.

1 Week Post-Marathon

I've run 3 times since finishing my 9th marathon, the Houston marathon, 9 days ago. The first 3 days after this marathon, I was more sore than I was after the Big Sur marathon - the one with a gazillion hills - but I'm feeling almost normal now.  
 I've enjoyed sunshine and blue skies - thankful that I can run outside, knowing that so many runners are stuck inside on treadmills. I ran a nice and easy 5 miles today with Zoe, my dog. When I run with her a lot of people smile, yell out "Weimaraner!" or talk to us. Fun! Post-run: doggy treats for Zoe and cocoa for me.