1 Week Post-Marathon

I've run 3 times since finishing my 9th marathon, the Houston marathon, 9 days ago. The first 3 days after this marathon, I was more sore than I was after the Big Sur marathon - the one with a gazillion hills - but I'm feeling almost normal now. 

Marathon Finisher's Mug

I've enjoyed sunshine and blue skies - thankful that I can run outside, knowing that so many runners are stuck inside on treadmills. I ran a nice and easy 5 miles today with Zoe, my dog. When I run with her a lot of people smile, yell out "Weimaraner!" or talk to us. Fun! Post-run: doggy treats for Zoe and cocoa for me.


  1. Cool finishers mug!!

  2. What a cute look on Zoe's face.
    We are having an very warm winter here in CA also. And no rains... none.

  3. Phooey on the treadmill! Glad you are having nice weather. Like the finishers mug and also like what's inside it! Have a great rest of your week!

  4. Love the finisher's mug! Enjoy those easy runs with Zoe!

  5. Glad you are enjoying running outside for me. :)
    We're going to get to almost 50 in the next couple days. It's going to be really messy, but I'm looking forward to running outside again!

  6. Glad you are feel good! I thought the mug was a great giveaway but I honestly never thought to actually USE it. Silly pink girl. You inspired me! So I filled it up with chocolate milk and mmm did it taste better seeing "Finisher" on the side!

  7. Tina- so good to hear you are enjoying your recovery running!
    We have had a really easy winter here too- makes me wonder what's in store in the next month...but honestly, it can't be much at this point. We got out lucky! Very few days even hit freezing here. Last year it was in single digits for a week. (rare)?!

    Looks like that would make a great frosty mug too!

  8. what a cute mug!

    your dog IS just sooo cute! i wish my little hot dog could run more than 3 miles! but she's fun when she does come along. :)


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