Accel Gel & Hallo!

I tried a vanilla and a chocolate Accel Gel for the first time on my 15 mile run. They were overly sweet and were the thinnest consistency I've ever had. Accel Gels are different from most gels because they contain protein. I felt good while running and post-run, too, except for mild stomach cramps, but sometimes I get those.

I tried them because they were on sale at Academy for 75 cents - half price. I prefer gel to be thicker and less sweet, but I would use them if they helped me to run better - more experimenting needed.

Soon, for the first time, my husband and I will be traveling out of the US for a vacation. We're going to Norway, Scotland and London! I can't wait to see Scottish castles, have tea in London, maybe see a Norwegian fjord, run in other countries and take hundreds of pictures.

First stop: Norway! I've read that many people speak English, but I'd like to learn a few Norwegian words before we go.

Hello = Hallo
Goodbye = Ha det
I do not understand = Jeg forstår ikke

I really need to memorize the last phrase... I really need to learn how to pronounce it. Ha det!


  1. Thanks for the info about the gel. So wonderful that you and your husband will be traveling! I love to travel and hope to do more of it when the kids get older. We take them too but sometimes it is nice just us. ;) Have fun!

  2. Norway, I am very jealous!

  3. oh that is SOOOOOO awesome!!! you will have to write down the different phrases on your hand! look forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it! and take a run for me by those scottish hills, water, castles and gorgeous scenery!! i'm going to live through your adventure!

  4. i have been using the Accel gels over the past year. I still use some Gu, but in the later parts of LONG runs and marathons, I will use 1-2 Accel gels. I really don't know if it's true about the benefits of the protein, but if recovery can be improved, or start while I'm running - that's great. Wish I knew for sure because I actually prefer the Gu.

    I'm exactly the same about the consistency - too thin and too sweet. (I use the orange packet)

    I hope your trip is amazing. Can't wait to see pics.

  5. You are going to two of the three places from my ancestory. Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and France would have nailed all the others.

    London is great! You will love it!! Must see pix soon. Have a great international trip running!

  6. Sounds like you have a great trip planned! How fun. I have never been out of north america either.

    Interesting about the accel gels. I wonder what the benefit of protein during the run would be...I totally get it afterwards, but not sure about during. ?

  7. I'd answer your protein question if I could, but I only bought them because they were on sale and I've heard some people like them. ; )

  8. hmm i like that they contain protein..stil wonder how I would do with them as GU makes me sick

  9. I'm so excited for you, going to my ancestral homeland (Norway) and my spiritual homeland (London), and Scotland, which I've only been to twice, but it is lovely! A few more Norwegian words for you, Takk (pronounced tock), which means thanks (or if you are really grateful, Tusen takk, literally a thousand thanks) , and Vær så god (I would pronounce it far sah good, but without the d), which is you're welcome. Even though you will have no problem with people speaking English, it is really common to throw out a "takk" or "Vær så god" (hope those special letters came through). As for London, I could write a book, but let me at least suggest you go to Brown's Hotel for tea (you can find info online); it is my favorite, though expensive. Thank goodness the exchange rate is reasonable these days. If you are staying anywhere near Regent's Park, it is a wonderful place to run (my favorite!). My envy cannot be suppressed. Have a great trip!

  10. One more thing--I do have an England blog, with more information than you could ever want, but here is a link to a post from my last England trip, two years ago, called "One Day in London."

  11. Hi Tina,
    I went back into my England blog and re-enabled all the Facebook links. I think they stay public for about two weeks...I didn't know that when I originally did it. Otherwise I might not have gone that route! :)


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