Trails, Eats, Vit. D

Yellow Trailhead
I ventured out onto the Memorial Park trails again for a run with my dog, setting my Garmin to auto-pause so that I don't have to remember to start it after stopping it after water breaks. Many of the trails start out easy (see photo), but quickly become narrow with turns, a few hills, branches to poke your eyes and lots of roots to trip over. The highlight of the run was when I managed to save myself from falling after tripping on a root and finding myself flying through the air.

Today's 6 miler was fueled by last night's mac & cheese. My husband and I tried a new place for dinner, Jus' Mac. They served our macaroni and cheese in small cast iron frying pans. It was delicious, but so rich that I could only eat half. This is good - probably saved me from about 1000 calories. Today I ate a salad topped with chicken, apples and toasted walnuts - a good combo.

 I found this article at Outside Magazine on vitamin D interesting because I've been taking 2000 IU of vitamin D for 7 months since I was low on D. I don't feel any different, but maybe the next blood test will show an improvement.


  1. So glad you didn't fall down! Place that serves mac 'n cheese sounds wonderful. Have a great weekend!

  2. This looks like a very peaceful trail. perfect for running.
    I am not a great believer in supplements myself but I also realize that our lives keep us inside for most of the day, and once outside we are covered top to bottom. Not good.
    Salad, chicken, apples and walnuts. This sounds very yummy.

  3. Thanks for the info and the link. I read the article on Vit D that you included. Ah, what's a girl to do??? I take a daily vitamin (of course some say THAT isn't a good idea), I'm out side a lot and I drink copious amounts of milk. I'm a pretty healthy girl - but how can you be sure? Sadly, my insurance won't cover testing like this. I need to check into it to see how much it would cost me on my own. With all that I demand of my body I need to make sure I'm giving it a fair chance!
    Thank for the info! (and that trail runs sounds like a lot of fun!!!)

  4. Mac and cheese! Yum. We almost ordered some tonight. I have Outside magazine sitting right here. I'll have to read it.

  5. I've missed your wonderful food, the salad looks delicious!

    I thought of you last week when I read another article on Vit D. I remember when you mentioned it last year and right after that, my dermatologist told me to start taking it. So interesting!

    Happy Trail running!

  6. Good Trails and Good Eats!!! That mac'n'cheese looks awesome!

  7. The trails where you run are beautiful!
    I have been taking Vita D for almost a year now because I was chronically low, and after about 7 or 8 months, I did notice a difference. I felt less tired and more energized. I hope you see good results too!

  8. Interesting that you don't feel a difference. I swear by D and I feel the difference now that I am taking it (1500iu).

    Great pics.


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