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I ran on the Memorial Park trails Saturday and saw my first cardinal of the year. I was so busy watching for roots and tree branches that I hardly checked my Garmin, but after a while I noticed that mile 4 never became mile 5. I forgot to turn my Garmin back on after a trail map stop. So I was out there for about 1 1/2 hours - longer than planned, but it sure was fun. Next time: use the auto-pause setting.

Yesterday I ate my first grits which taste similar to cream of wheat. They're high in carbohydrates and iron and are inexpensive. I'll eat them again - they taste okay and Ryan Hall eats them, too. Sardines are on his food list, too. No, thank you!

Links for runners: there's the The Myth of LSD, running articles at D3 MultiSport and nutrition at Wellness Alerts like this about caffeine and athletes.


  1. i really miss cardinals! thanks for sharing your first near the end of winter sighting of one for me. had grits once - liked them. but i will stick with oatmeal. i am getting caught up on yours and other blogs of late. happy late V day!

  2. Autopause...yep. Sounds like a great idea! I stop my watch sometimes and forget to restart it. Drives me crazy!

    I think I have only had grits with cheese. Once. My kids like sardines- my dad feeds them to them. Give me ANCHOVIES! =D

  3. Don't know if I could eat grits. But I do know I could not eat sardines!

  4. What a fun run! I hate when I forget to turn my garmin back on. Sometimes I turn on the auto pause, but usually I just curse. :) Glad you like the grits. I don't have the nerve to try them!

  5. i like grits when i'm in the mood for them. try them with cheese or cracked pepper and sea salt. that's tasty (if you're in the mood!).

    trail runs are so much fun! i have been itching to get into them. it's just hard to find them close by around here.

  6. mmm, grits. Cheese grits. Mmm.
    Hey, if Ryan eats them - then you should too!

  7. I love grits! Thanks for the links!! :)


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