20 Miles in Scotland

Hazelhead Park just keeps getting better. Monday I headed back to the park and found...

More forest paths, more creeks and even a deer. Look for the bushy white tail in the next photo.

I was a little afraid of getting lost in the woods so these signs were helpful.

It was windy and hilly and I'm slow on hills, but they're good for me. 

Here are a couple of houses I ran by near the park. Nearly all of the buildings: stores, offices and houses are granite, but sometimes they'll plant flowers or you'll see wild purple and yellow crocuses.

Let's talk food... Most of my European breakfasts have been delicious: muesli, yogurt and fresh berries.

Monday we shared a "true Scottish breakfast". A taste of the sausage, haggis and black pudding (the worst of all) was all that I wanted, but the bacon which looks like ham was very good, especially after my long run, in which I only ate a handful of dried fruit and drank a little water - and without a problem.

The cool temps (40's) and stopping often for photos made this run fairly easy and finding more woods to run in was a lovely surprise.


  1. Oh, you don't like black pudding? Really? Do you know it's loaded with iron? I know, I know, this is acquired taste.
    What a great run! Love the pics.

  2. One of the worst foods I've ever eaten. Right up there with anchovies!

  3. your pics are all so gorgeous! i can't believe how much running you've done on your trip!!

  4. I have had black pudding as well. only thing worse is haggus!

    great pix. i have not been up to Scotland. i need too. Pix are beautiful. WOW! all this mileage in far away lands as well. Cool.

  5. ok, i missed this post!!! that's where you ran 20 miles!!
    the flowers all along the grass were so pretty, and i just LOVED that green front door on one of the houses you passed. looks like the path was a nice packed down gravel one - sweet!!!

  6. Talk about an unforgettable 20 mile run!! So cool and such beautiful scenery! Obviously you are making the most of every minute in an amazing country!


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