Dunnottar Castle

Sunday afternoon we walked 3 miles to the castle ruins from the Stonehaven train station.

We climbed down a lot stairs and then up a lot of stairs, but it was worth it.

The Castle Reflected in My Husband's Sunglasses

After exploring at the castle, we headed back to the coastal town of Stonehaven, where we ate fish and chips for dinner.

And then it was time to take the 20 minute train ride back to the Aberdeen train station which adjoins the Union Square Mall.

Just before taking the train to Stonehaven, I ate a bean pie (baked beans inside puff pastry) - something I've never eaten before.


  1. Beautiful! I am oooooozing wiht jealousy :) Have a great trip.

  2. Okay, you are going to entirely too many wonderful places. You are choosing exactly the places I would want to go too. Those castle ruins on the ocean look wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow! I have always wanted to visit a castle. How cool!!

    I have never had a bean pastry. Was it good?

    Such beautiful photos. I am loving my vacation through you. =D

    Saw the husband photo with the "married for over 25 years" . Amazing! What a milestone!

  4. We are taking vacation vicariously through you :-)

  5. About the bean pie... I like baked beans. I like puff pastry. It tasted fine, but I won't be making it at home. Now, if you'd put fruit pie filling inside that would be a different story.

  6. Haha...I am with you on the fruit filling =D.
    Looks like SUCH a fun and FANTASTIC vacation!

  7. oh yes, blueberries in that puff pastry would have been supreme! wow, tina, these pictures are just gorgeous! i am so enjoying reading and seeing it all through your adventure!

  8. Oh my gosh -- I've just been catching up on all of your trip posts and it looks awesome! What a great time!!

    And I agree w/HappyTrails :-)

  9. Really gorgeous pictures! You should print this blog and bind it for a scrapbook. I think there is a way to have that done.... I'm so enjoying "sharing" your trip with you!


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