Edinburgh Day 2

Today we visited St Giles' Cathedral, founded in the 1120s, where John Knox was pastor in the 1500's. We wanted an audio device to listen to a guided tour, but they had construction going on and said we could only have a personal guided tour by a volunteer because of the noise. This sounded even better.

As soon as we met our volunteer guide, I noticed her name tag and could hardly believe my eyes. She shared our last name and our name is not very common. Later we walked into the gift shop where one of the employees mentioned someone with our last name, too, and we learned that she grew up on a street which shares our last name!

After attending a short church service, we walked over to Oink where a whole roasted pig sits in the window. The sandwich maker sliced the meat off of the pig when he made our sandwiches. I had a pork sandwich with herb dressing and homemade chunky apple sauce on it. We need an Oink at home!

After lunch we walked to Edinburgh Castle.  

The castle sits on volcanic rock.

View of Edinburgh from the castle...

I had some delicious spicy carrot cake with nuts from Always Sunday restaurant and then we were off on another walk. We took the long way around to the University of Edinburgh - we did that a lot today, 

I think this is a Samson of the Bible thing. Don't worry - we're really pretty normal.

After acting like tourists in front of lots of cool university students, we headed back to the hotel, stopping at a savory pie shop for my first cottage pie - a yummy pie with mince (burger) in a pie shell topped with tatties (mashed potatoes). My husband had a similar pie with puff pastry on top. I make something similar to cottage pie, leaving out the pie pastry. We ate lots of tasty new foods today.


  1. Beautiful pics - I love photos of places I'll most likely never get to! Awesome!

  2. that church is so ornately beautiful!
    what a really neat coincidence that you meet someone with your last name, AND someone else noticed it! it must be Scottish!!
    that pastry food looks so delicious! LOVED the pics tina! so fun to see your trip. :)

  3. This is so cool! My husband and I both have Scottish roots and can't wait to go there some day. For now he plays the pipes with the Keith Highlanders Scottish Pipe Band here in Seattle.

    Glad I found your blog! Thanks to Jill (Running to Sanity)!

  4. I get "the Samson thing"!!! Enjoy the memories. Sure bet Zoe is missing her people by now!

  5. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!!!

  6. I love all the castles. It makes me want to stay in one.

  7. We were in Scotland in the same period!!!! I ran the Edinburgh park run on saturday 19 and in the afternoon I watched the rugby match Scotland-Italy. I put many pictures on my blog too.
    Enjoy that wonderful Country.

  8. Oh what a perfect day! Thanks for all of the cool details and pictures so we could go there too! I got to visit Edinburgh in 1999 and will never forget it. :)


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