From Norway to Scotland

Wednesday I found my way back to the oldest church in Norway, Stavanger Domkirke, and received a short history lesson on this impressive building which dates from 1125.

Then I walked up a steep hill (Mosvatnet?) for this view of the water and snow topped mountains.

Most of the houses are white, but every once in awhile there are a couple of rebels.

After only a one hour flight from Stavanger, we were in Aberdeen and walked to The Ashvale where we tried our first haggis, similar to sausage and made from sheep. My husband liked it, but I didn't care for it. Glad to have tried it, though. Speaking of food, I'm going to miss all of the fresh bread I ate in Norway, but I'm inspired to bake bread when I get home.

Aberdeen is called the Granite City where nearly every building is made of granite, but our hotel looks like we found the Emerald City instead. Time to turn in at the Simpson Hotel!


  1. It does look a bit like the Emerald City. Did you travel by hot air balloon?

  2. Looks like a great trip so far. That church is stunning on the inside as well. And I would pass on the Haggis .... I know what is inside :-0

  3. That green light on the building is the color of my envious face. What a great trip!

  4. that church is SO impressive - ornate! i love those "rebel" houses! the detail in the windows is so neat. i noticed how they have antenna's! so used to seeing "dishes" here!
    (ewa's comment cracks me up!!)
    i would love to hear your tips on baking bread when you get back home.


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