Thank You, GU!

Because I made a GU gingerbread house that the folks at GU recently saw, they sent me a very generous box of GU - a sampler box plus a huge box of vanilla gel! When I saw all of the goodies I wanted to go for a long run, but I had already run that day so I had to wait...

Monday I ran 18 miles and tried my first GU cherry lime gel which takes just like it sounds (cherry and lime!) and just may be my favorite Roctane gel.

I haven't had much of a chance to use my gels this week, though - I've been sick. I came across this study - athletes engaged in endurance-based physical activity during the winter months are more likely to have upper respiratory tract infections. I believe it! I'm feeling better now and can't wait to try more of my new GU soon, though.


  1. that is the cutest most original gingerbread house i've seen! :) that was awesome of GU to apprecite it!

    oh no! it's hard being sick and trying to run. i STILL feel like i'm trying to catch back up (and still dealing with congestion and drainage - ugh!). feel well soon :)

  2. Your GU house is really cute and nice score on the freebies from it!

    Glad you're feeling slightly better!! :)

  3. Keep getting better!

    That house is so cute. I am glad they appreciated your construction skills!!

  4. How fun to get free gels! Love the GU house! Glad you are feeling better!

  5. Love that you got the free Gu. Great GB house.

  6. So cute! I love the lemon sublime... like cool lemonade on a long run. Enjoy!

  7. What a creative way to score some free GU! Cute! I'll keep my eye out for cherry-lime, sounds good! Hope you get back to full health quickly!

  8. That is so cool for GU to do that! I am going to look for the Cherry/Lime flavor! Glad to hear you are on the mend!

  9. You are so crafty! I love your GU house.

  10. Cute GU house!
    I didn't want to read the article about the upper respiratory infections. I'm in denial right now.


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