Sunday at noon, my husband and I started our European trip with a 9 hour flight from Houston. There were no troubles at check-in until the TSA officer looked at my passport and my drivers license and said very seriously, "I think there's something wrong here."

I asked with kindness, hopefulness and trepidation, "Are YOU joking?!"

 Then he said something that he's probably said about 999 times in his career, "THIS can't be YOUR birth year!" : )

And me? I laughed hysterically because there's just a little bit of tension when you're checking in at the airport nowadays. 

I think I slept 2 hours on the plane. It was hard to fall asleep sitting up. I spent most of the flight adjusting my pillow and blanket. Finally, we made it to Heathrow airport where we had a five hour layover and after looking through the shops I learned that if I'm tired enough, it's easy to fall asleep sitting up after all!

After one more flight, we arrived in Stavanger at 3PM Monday (9AM Houston time) and checked into the Radisson Blu Hotel. Excited, I had enough energy to go on a three hour stroll around the city. 

After stopping at Breiavatnet Lake, we saw the oldest Stavanger church, built in 1125.

From there, we walked over to Old Stavanger where there are homes that are 100-300 years old and  cobblestone streets.

The neighborhood faces the harbor where cruise ships bring vacationers in warmer months. It was cold and in the 30's with a little rain. I'm glad I wore my heaviest coat.

Although some museums were closed for the winter, vacationing without crowds meant we didn't need reservations at Sorenson's restaurant, where I ate my first bangers & mash - that's sausage and mashed potatoes. The sausage was less spicy than I'm used to, similar to a hot dog and the potatoes were good and buttery.

 There is a lot less English language here than I thought there would be, but it makes every little thing an adventure: ordering food at a restaurant, reading street signs, reading the ingredients on a package of food. I've even learned a little Norwegian: woman, good, bread and thank you. It's a very little bit. ; )


  1. LOVED the pictures! The details in the houses, building and streets just "Awes" me! Gorgeous architecht (and your hubby's faces are great!). So, really, I noticed in the last pic that there is a store named after the "S" word! What was in there?! Or do I not want to know!!

  2. I think I would love to visit Norway. My first choices are always Northern places. Enjoy and thanks for posting the pictures.

  3. Ahhh, looks like a fantastic vacation. A bit chilly, but no crowds would be heaven! Have a great time, Tina!!!

  4. Norway is one of my favorite countries. I loved the people, loved the nature there, I think I could live there if not for way too long winters.

  5. Oh, forgot to add. Have tons and tons of fun.

  6. Oh man - I wish I was there. great pix!

  7. Kate's right! I didn't realize that shop made it into one of my pictures. Big oops! It's deleted now. I'll make up for it with more church pictures soon. Just kidding! ; ) Kind of... I hope to see inside the oldest church today and post pictures soon. : )

  8. Spectacular detail on that church - some of the older architecture is so detailed. You and E look to be having a blast - Steve would have definitely been in that Lego store!!!


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