One Day in London

First stop in London: Paddington Station. Second stop: Krispy Kreme for a glazed donut. Wish we still had one near our house.

Then it was time to begin what turned out to be a 7 hour walk. First, we headed to the British Museum, stopping on the way for a yummy chicken and potato pastie - like having chicken pot pie in a handheld pie pastry.

Rosetta Stone from the Back

We were able to hear a choral choir rehearse in St. Martin in the Fields. Beautiful singing!

We saw thousands of protesters in the streets Saturday, this flowery bus, Big Ben, the River Thames, cathedrals, Hyde Park, St. James Park and finally, Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace
A House Close to the Palace

Many Daffodills in the Parks

We're home now. Thanks for leaving so many nice comments! As soon as I put a dent in my mountain of laundry, I'll see what everyone's been up to. 


  1. We have SO enjoyed your tour through Europe - the sights, the runs, and the food varieties. ESPECIALLY appreciate Krispy Kreme! Mmmmmm, good.
    Welcome Home!

  2. welcome back! Thanks for sharing the trip with us.

  3. Looks like such a great trip! So glad you had the opportunity to go.

  4. I have loved taking your tour vicariously with you!

  5. all the way to London for a Krispy Kreme! LOL... I would have stopped too :) I am really enjoying your pictures!

  6. thanks for checking in, hope to get back to the blog soon. Great travel picks.

    I have to pass by K.K., 2-4 times per wk, always a struggle to keep the car on the road.


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