Saturday, March 19, 2011

Running in Aberdeen

Thursday and Friday I ran in Aberdeen. One day I ran about 11 miles and ran along the River Dee and onto the Arches Bridge. Another day I ran 8 miles at Hazelhead Park where there were moss covered stone walls like this one...

And a woodsy trail with a creek.

I even ran to the beach. For the long run I brought some currants and stopped in the grocery store for Lucozade sports drink.

It's been great running here - nice and cool and so much to see!


  1. what a treasure to run there among such gorgeous scenery and the water! i saw on your calendar you ran 21 miles - way to go tina!

  2. Thanks! I even came across some church ruins dating from about 1200 on my run to the beach. So many new places, I hardly have time to post it all. Actually, I only ran 20.15, not 21... I'm fixing my typo now.


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