I Won Yogurt!

Speedwork today! I ran 4 x 1 mile repeats with 3 minute recoveries and a two mile warm-up and cool-down. I ran hard, but not too hard - I wanted even splits and didn't want to run out of energy. I used the McMillan Running Calculator to find a goal pace: 8:30 - 8:45/mile. Good weather and seeing my Garmin hovering around 8:30 made me a happy runner. Splits: 8:23, 8:21, 8:27, 8:20. 

I won a giveaway! Felice at Happy Runner Reviews sent me some Stonyfield Farm Yogurt coupons and Physician's Formula Make-up. The lip balm is one of my favorite flavors - mint, and look at the design on the face powder! It's a treat to use pretty make-up.

That's my pre-run yogurt in the photo - plain and blueberry Greek yogurt mixed together with flax seeds and wheat germ for crunch. I eat plain regular yogurt often - on cereal, with fruit mixed in, in a smoothie, in carrot salad (instead of mayo), on sweet potatoes or even with beans (instead of sour cream). Have any yogurt ideas for me?


  1. Like the updated look. I am so anxious to change my blog, but haven't taken the time yet. Nice repeats!

    Have a great weekend Tina - thanks for picking mile 25. I need your positive vibes heading to a warmer than I wanted Albany.

  2. Great splits Tina! Looking at that yogurt is making me hungry! I just finished a 9 mile day with 3 of them at Memorial Park this evening. I have enjoyed the two times I've run there so far.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful trip in the works for this year!

  3. LOVE your background!! You are doing awesome with your time! BTW, just wondering if you have read anything newsworthy on Glucosamine?

  4. Thanks for the encouragement for my blog's new background and my speedwork!

    I probably change my blog too often, but it's fun and I guess it doesn't hurt anything unless you arrive and think you're at the wrong blog - and leave. That'd be bad!

    Sorry, Kate, I don't know anything about glucosamine except that some people use it for knee pain.


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