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Good Tempo Run

How do you run a good tempo run? You run when it's cool! 60° worked for me! (Someone asked me if I was cold out there! I wasn't cold, but it was about 15° cooler than usual.) Also, since I didn't run the day before, I was ready for a hard workout.
After a 2 mile warm-up, my goal was to run 6 miles at an 8:23/mile average (my 10K pace + 30 seconds) or less. Midway through, my mind started to wander which slowed me down - I needed to focus to keep the pace. Realizing that I only had part of one more lap around the park to go helped, too.

This run was faster (8:20/mile average), but easier for me, than last week's similar treadmill workout (1 x 2 mi. & 4 x 1 mi.). If only every day was like that! After 6 tempo miles, I ran 2 easy miles to finish my 10 mile run and then I walked for a few minutes.

I ate 3 mountain berry Clif Shot Bloks at mile 4. They tasted good, like gummy bear candy. I cut the packages in half. That makes them easier to carry in my pocket. I recen…

Salt Tablets on 20 Miler

Today I finished my 20 mile run feeling fine. Last week I ran 16 miles and felt sick when I finished.

It was 75° when I started running today and grew warmer, but less humid, but it was the wind that was the best part. I know wind isn't always a runner's friend, but the wind blew over my sweaty skin and cooled me off. Last week was just hot and humid.

Because I sometimes have swollen hands, foot cramps or nausea at the end of long, hot runs, I use drinks and gels with more sodium in the summertime.

Today I used Succeed S Caps salt tablets (340mg sodium) in addition to Gu Brew blueberry pomegranate drink (245mg sodium) and Powerbar strawberry banana gel (200mg sodium). I used salt tabs because I only used the drink and gel last week and then I threw up - a first for me. 

Today I noticed that I felt thirstier than usual towards the end of my run - not a problem, though. I think I drank more water today. I didn't have swollen hands, foot cramps or nausea. 9:47 average pac…

TM & Sports Drinks

Running on a treadmill makes speedwork on a humid day possible. Having a cold drink beside me with the fan blowing hard - how can I complain? Yesterday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill.
Warm-up: 2 miles2 miles faster and a 4 minute easy-paced run4 x 1 mile faster with a 4 minute easy-paced runCool-downI started conservatively and ran the last three mile repeats at the same pace, a little faster than the first three miles. The fifth mile repeat was hard. And the last one was really hard for me!

I've gotten some free sports food/drinks. I tried some new Gatorade G Series products because they were all free after a rebate. The 01 pre-workout bars tasted terrible and the 03 post-workout drink with a thick consistency wasn't much better. Fortunately, the acai blueberry 02 Perform sports drink tasted good with a light, blueberry flavor.

Have you seen the online ad for a free 20 oz. Powerbar Ironman Perform sports drink? The mixed berry flavor tasted great midway through today's …

Run for Change 5K Race Report

It's a good thing I didn't have a chance to read that caution sign as I headed onto the bike trail during today's Run for Change Radio Run 5K! We started and ended on the flat park path, but mid-race, we ran through the woods. I was flying up and down short hills and around corners on the singletrack bike trail for 1.2 miles. Fun!

We were warned about one fork in the trail, but I still took a wrong turn there and had to back track. That's the first time I've ever done that!  Later, I got lost and stopped to ask for directions. I'm used to larger races where you mindlessly follow the runners ahead of you! It worked out alright - I picked up the pace in the third mile. I'll have to check, but it might be the first time I've done that, too!

It was a very small race and I was the 1st place finisher in my age group (40 years+)! Finish time: 24:44. Mile splits: 7:48, 8:50, 8:04. Average pace: 8:14/mi.

Before the bike trail was created in the woods, we lived nea…

Crazy Cool!

First, the crazy... I was looking through my travel photos for a picture to go with today's post when I saw this one of a boy in the air, upside-down, jumping off a wall, beside a steep hill which drops down onto a city street in Inverness, Scotland. This might be a good time to stop to see what your kids are doing. ; )

Then there's the cool... Here's what I was looking for - Dunnottar Castle in Scotland on a chilly day.

I wasn't actually freezing today, but it was only 60° here in Houston and that made my 15 mile run a really good one. I don't know what I liked best. Maybe it was...
All of the regulars on my running route who said, "Hi!"The 60°. Yesterday, sweat dripped down one lip onto the other before I hit the 2 mile mark. My 9:05/mi average for the 15 mile run. Last week, I ran 12 miles in 70° with a 9:41/mi average,  but I wanted to run faster.This run made me want to run a 5K race this weekend. The current forecast shows that although the next coupl…

Whole Wheat Bread

After I made bread last week, I was anxious to see if I could make a better loaf - kind of like running marathons! This recipe makes a light and airy loaf. I didn't add nuts and seeds this time, but they were delicious in last week's bread. This recipe's a keeper - one for my recipe page

1 cup warm water (110°F)
1 package active dry yeast
3 tablespoons honey, divided
1-2/3 cups white bread flour
4 tablespoons gluten, divided
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups white whole wheat flour
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, optional
1/2 cup sunflower seeds, optional

1.In a large bowl, mix warm water, yeast, and 1-1/2 tablespoons honey. Add white bread flour and 2 tablespoons gluten. Stir to combine. Let sit for 30 minutes.

2.Mix in butter, 1-1/2 tablespoons honey, salt, nuts and seeds. Stir in 2 cups whole wheat flour and 2 tablespoons gluten, gradually. Knead about 10 minutes in the bowl. Spray bowl to keep dough from sticking and turn once to coat th…

12 Miles in the Heat

Time for a 12 miler! I headed to the park. The first 4 miles, I averaged 10:00/mi and was sure that I wouldn't be running a progression run - we had another hot morning. The next 4 miles, I averaged 9:45 by reminding myself to "Pick it up!" a million times and then headed home for Zoe.
With my speedy dog, we raced down the park path for 3 miles, stopping for a gel and water and then ran a cool-down mile, thankfully. Even my dog didn't mind the slow pace because it was hot. My clothes were drenched like I'd been swimming.
When I checked my Garmin, I was happy to see the mile splits just before my cool down mile: 9:08, 8:46 and 8:49/mile. Lesson learned: don't mentally give up because it's hot. That's hard when you're face is on fire.
I ran home and drank milk, Pure Protein chocolate whey powder and peanut butter blended together. The peanut butter is key. By the way, I bought that new blue shirt at Target for just $10.

4 Mile Race Report

I ran in the 4 the Park Race today. It was a humid 70+°, but I knew it would be hot before I registered - the race location was just too good for me to pass up. The Memorial Park start was about a mile from my house so for my warm-up I just ran to the start from home. These race pictures were taken on the street where I live.

This was my first 4 mile race. I hardly looked at my Garmin and I ran the race like a 5K, fast from the start and as long as I could. Maybe next time I'll try running it more like a 10K - more evenly paced, but I'm happy to have finished with 4th place in my age group in 32:04.

There was a ton of post-race food. I ate a yummy muffin jam-packed with berries, a Clif Bar pretzel peanut butter bar and a protein bar sample and then some Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate candy, a slightly salty chocolate.

There was much more food that I passed on: fruit crepes, hamburgers, whole pineapples, fruit popsicles, burritos and rice. I picked up some Muscle Milk (tried it, …