12 Miles in the Heat

Photo of Saturday's 4 Mile Race, I'm in Blue on the Left
Time for a 12 miler! I headed to the park. The first 4 miles, I averaged 10:00/mi and was sure that I wouldn't be running a progression run - we had another hot morning. The next 4 miles, I averaged 9:45 by reminding myself to "Pick it up!" a million times and then headed home for Zoe.

With my speedy dog, we raced down the park path for 3 miles, stopping for a gel and water and then ran a cool-down mile, thankfully. Even my dog didn't mind the slow pace because it was hot. My clothes were drenched like I'd been swimming.

When I checked my Garmin, I was happy to see the mile splits just before my cool down mile: 9:08, 8:46 and 8:49/mile. Lesson learned: don't mentally give up because it's hot. That's hard when you're face is on fire.

I ran home and drank milk, Pure Protein chocolate whey powder and peanut butter blended together. The peanut butter is key. By the way, I bought that new blue shirt at Target for just $10.


  1. I can't believe you guys are so HOT already! Not fun. The blue shirt looks great on you! Something I have been enjoying lately is a tablespoon (or two or three) of almond butter with agave drizzled on top - YUM!

  2. Sounds good. I haven't tried agave yet, but I know that almond butter is good!

  3. I'm so glad you thought today was HOT! After a week off from running I went out for 4 miles today and thought it was crazy hot!!! I was thinking it was the week off but I see you had the same drenched shirt experience. I had a banana, almond butter, protein smoothie after my run:)Of course you earned yours, great pace!

  4. Oh, good, I wasn't the only one! That's some good post-run eating!

  5. Darn! I wish we had a Target. I would run over right now. Nice job speeding up on a hot day!

  6. April & May are the toughest months of running for me. Hard to get acclimated again.

  7. Reminds me to enjoy the cool weather here, even if I have to bundle up somedays.

  8. oh no - here it comes!!! THE HEAT!!! within' a couple weeks you will be back to your speediness and then some! LOVE that blue color!


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