4 Mile Race Report

I ran in the 4 the Park Race today. It was a humid 70+°, but I knew it would be hot before I registered - the race location was just too good for me to pass up. The Memorial Park start was about a mile from my house so for my warm-up I just ran to the start from home. These race pictures were taken on the street where I live.

That's me in the blue shirt on the right.

This was my first 4 mile race. I hardly looked at my Garmin and I ran the race like a 5K, fast from the start and as long as I could. Maybe next time I'll try running it more like a 10K - more evenly paced, but I'm happy to have finished with 4th place in my age group in 32:04.

There was a ton of post-race food. I ate a yummy muffin jam-packed with berries, a Clif Bar pretzel peanut butter bar and a protein bar sample and then some Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate candy, a slightly salty chocolate.

The Finish Line!
There was much more food that I passed on: fruit crepes, hamburgers, whole pineapples, fruit popsicles, burritos and rice. I picked up some Muscle Milk (tried it, light vanilla creme tastes artificial and too sweet) and orange Zero Vitamin Water (tastes good like orange Gatorade, maybe) and ran home with a bottle in each hand - good for my arm muscles!


  1. Hamburgers after a race sounds unappealing to me. What fun to be able to run to a race and back home. Great time and AG placement!

  2. Awesome Job!!! What a spread of race food! I need to start researching what races serve the best food I think! Happy Sunday:)

  3. Oh Tina how fun does that race sound! And wow! what a GREAT time! Mmmm Crepes I make those at home for breakfast, my kids would have love that!

  4. Thank you for running and supporting Memorial Park Conservancy. Blaine Adams, Four the Park Chair and Board Member.

  5. Hey! That's a fabulous 4 mile time!!! Great job on the new distance..I have only done one 4 miler.

    What a post-race spread! It wold make me want to do it again just for that ;)

  6. Great race Tina!! That is quite the variety of food for post-race, though I would probably pass on the burger, too! Have a great week!

  7. AWESOME time!!! Wow, Houston looks soooo green already! ATL is almost there.
    Sounds like the race was worth the price w/ all that food and goodies! Did you like the salty chocolate? It actually sounds good!

  8. Thanks to all who stopped by to see how the race went, it was a fun day!

    Kate, I always like chocolate! : )

  9. 4th in AG, way to go! Congratulations on a great race!!!


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