Crazy Cool!

First, the crazy... I was looking through my travel photos for a picture to go with today's post when I saw this one of a boy in the air, upside-down, jumping off a wall, beside a steep hill which drops down onto a city street in Inverness, Scotland. This might be a good time to stop to see what your kids are doing. ; )

Then there's the cool... Here's what I was looking for - Dunnottar Castle in Scotland on a chilly day.

Dunnottar Castle
I wasn't actually freezing today, but it was only 60° here in Houston and that made my 15 mile run a really good one. I don't know what I liked best. Maybe it was...
  • All of the regulars on my running route who said, "Hi!"
  • The 60°. Yesterday, sweat dripped down one lip onto the other before I hit the 2 mile mark.
  • My 9:05/mi average for the 15 mile run. Last week, I ran 12 miles in 70° with a 9:41/mi average,  but I wanted to run faster.
This run made me want to run a 5K race this weekend. The current forecast shows that although the next couple of days will be warmer, it might only be about 60° Saturday morning. I like 60°.

And last of all, the crazy cool... There's a new Garmin, the Forerunner 610. Here's an in-depth review. Enter to win one here. I can't tell if it would fit on my small wrist like my 310XT. The Forerunner 405 was too large. Not that I need a new Garmin!


  1. I am so glad battery life is poor on new Garmin. I have just stopped using gadgets for my runs. If it had a really good battery... yeah, I might just end my pure, just for joy runs and bought this new toy. :)

  2. What a great pace Tina for a 15 miler! The weather here was so nice this morning! Unfortunately my training schedule will pick up in longer mileage during the hottest time of year, ugh! that I'm not looking forward too! Looked at the 5k link, such a great cause! I'm sure you will do very well!

  3. whoa, what a cool 5k! love the solar powered radios they are using to reach africa and the sudanese!

    wow, that watch is awesome! that is exactly why my man got me the basic 305. he said, give it less than a year and they'll come out with something even better that you'll like/want. true that! going to go read the review now... too bad my bday is another 9 months away!!

  4. That picture is unreal. Is he training to be stunt man?

  5. Did you see where he landed and if he broke himself???!!! Glad you had such a great 15 miler in 60. I am looking forward to 70. :-) Have a fun 5k - that will be a nice way to mix up your training. Have a great rest of your week!

  6. Ewa, I think battery life is 8 hours, but keep on running for fun. : )

    Terri, it would be fun to see you at the race!

    Kate, there's always Mother's Day!

    Yeah, solar powered radios sound like a good place for my race money. : )

    ajh and HappyTrails, thankfully, no need to call 911 while we were there!

  7. yes!!! mother's day!!! how dare i forget that one!! now... how to be subliminally persuasive...hmmm... ;)

  8. Thanks for the link to the new Garmin. I will have to check it out. Your runs are so speedy! Keep up the good work!

  9. Sure, Beth! Kinda funny... I'm the one who's always reading about running at my house, but it was my husband who told me about the new Garmin!

  10. 60 is great running weather. Nice job on the 15! Great pace.


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