Hot 16 Miles

I hope that running on hot days makes you strong, able to leap tall buildings, or at least run the last few miles of a marathon with more confidence. During today's 16 mile run, the temperature rose from 77° to 85°. Seeing other runners stop to walk or stretch made me feel better, knowing I wasn't the only one needing a break.

I used salt tablets again today, taking one at the start and two more later, but I wish I'd brought more. I think they helped when I had a stomach cramp. Other than minor cramps, I didn't have any other problems. : )

I saw some Navy Seal training on TV this weekend. They shook and grimaced while struggling to hold a heavy log above their heads. I thought about that when I felt tired knowing that a 16 mile run was nothing compared to their training. 

After my run and a great Mexican lunch at El Tiempo (where I had my first ever green rice!), my husband and I visited Houston's pretty Glenwood Cemetery for the first time. With it's winding roads, shade trees and many statues, it's worth a visit if you live nearby. You can pick up a flyer with descriptions of some famous Texans buried there.


  1. Yep...that's warm. Might as well be in fiji instead of texas =D

    That's an interesting comparison. I wonder how much running the seals do.

  2. Your thought got me thinking and I found a Navy Seals page online... To pass a screening test, you need to be able to run 40-90 minutes continuously:

    On that page, I found a training guide with descriptions of exercises that might be helpful, too. I might try some today.

  3. It got hot fast, didn't it? And you're further South than we are! I have a feeling we are in for a real scorcher this Summer. Maybe worse than usual.
    So thanks for the reminders that we need to really pay attention to our nutrition on runs and take the time to rest. Heat related illness is NO JOKE!

  4. I had a warm 12 miler today. We have been lucky this spring with the late cool fronts, but I think those are fading really fast.

  5. Nothing like those military training videos to help keep you motivated! i agree! you feel like things are easy peasy when you picture something much harder!

  6. Oh boy, I'm looking forward to and fearing that heat all at the same time! Once I make my final move to TX I'll be looking for some good running groups and training routes if you have advice for then. Although much warmer than 85 and I may be reconsidering my sleep schedule..

  7. Running in hot weather is tough going, but at least we can be sure we are sweating it out! :)

  8. Monika, check out for a list of Houston running groups.

  9. Ughhhh, running in the heat. I didn't even run as much as you did but it still got to me! I do hope that I'll be faster in the long run, when winter rolls around and I'm running outside :)

  10. Ahhh I long for the day to wake up and want to run 16 miles, LOL. 4 did me in today, ha!

    Give me your running legs and I'll make you a recipe binder:)

  11. that is a rough temp climb for a long run! it was quite hot here this week as well. love the pic of the statue.


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