I Didn't Lose My Dog Today


I ran 16 miles today. 3 vanilla GU gels tasted good and kept me going and water fountains at the park kept me hydrated. Salt tablets kept the cramps away, one every hour.

Wind is my friend on a hot day and the 80° didn't bother me, much. I ran negative splits, from 10:21 to 9:01/mile. Average pace: 9:23 - in the heat!

When I got home, my driveway gate was open and it should always be closed. When I saw the open gate, I ran a 5 minute per mile pace (Kidding, sort of!) to the back yard where I found my dog, Zoe, asleep with her legs up in the air, all comfy.

I don't know if she knew she was free for 2 1/2 hours or if she just likes hanging out in the shady backyard. I also don't know how the gate was opened, but I think we'll turn the security cameras back on now.

And if there happens to be a Bad Guy hanging around...

My very large and scary dog is trained to sneak up on Bad Guys by running towards them with her little red ball like she wants to play. Be very afraid!

On a side-note...

Lose vs. Loose - Just because.


  1. Ha ha, I wonder if he maybe took a roam around and came back in time. Probably not, it sounds like he was pretty comfy.

    Great pace!

  2. Awe that sweet weimie looks to lovable to attack anyone! Glad she's safe! Great run in the heat!!!

  3. So glad your dog was okay. Maybe he was resting after some big adventure.

  4. Anonymous5/23/2011

    I'm glad I wandered over here! I've been looking for someone who uses salt pills and Gu. How do you decide when to do each of them? How much water do you drink with each? Thanks!

  5. I that picture Zoe looks especially vicious. :)
    Congrats on a good run. Can you imagine how fast you would be running back had you know the gate was open?

  6. Wow! What a relief and what a good dog!

  7. So glad you didn't "loose" that sweet baby! (And "lose vs. loose" is one of my pet peeves. Along with lots of other grammar things....)

  8. Oh, I'm glad your dog didn't go anywhere or if she did she returned for a snooze before you got back from your run! Awesome job on that 16 miler!

  9. Look at those sweet eyes! Would have loved to see a pic in her sleeping position - legs in the air is always funny! Hopefully no bad guys are lurking..... I hear you on the lose vs loose, too!

  10. runningonwords, I took a salt tab every hour and drank to thirst, as usual. I took a GU gel ever 4-5 miles, as usual. (The S Caps have directions on the bottle.)

    Even though there aren't many posts since I'm new to salt tabs, you can find more on them listed under "I write" in the sidebar.

  11. Sweet dog!

    Great long run in the heat!!

  12. Your dog is so cute!! Glad it wasn't a lost dog story and that you had such a fantastic run All good news!

  13. Lose vs. loose. Yeah. Rock on for putting the link in there!
    And how about if people stop mis-using the poor apostrophe?

    Nice run!


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