Ladder Workout

I planned to do some speedwork today, but not quite the workout that I accidentally chose on my Garmin. I chose workout 000 instead of 001 -  an easy mix-up, right?!

It didn't take me long to figure out that I was doing a different workout, but rather than stop to fiddle with my Garmin, I tried the ladder: (.50mi, .36mi, .25mi, .13mi at 5K pace with 1 minute rests) x 2 with a 4 minute rest. Plus, I ran a warm-up and cool-down (2.3 miles each), giving me an 8 mile run total.

This workout went by quickly. I liked the changes in distance and frequent rests. I liked the 52° start, too. This is great weather for Houston in May - so cool! I'm getting spoiled!

The photo is of my yummy Beck's chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries (fries were free with coupon from a race packet!). I like eating there, sitting beneath the 400 year old shade trees. Sometimes I make sweet potato fries (recipe) at home, but I usually go the quicker route and microwave the potato and top it with cinnamon, walnuts and plain yogurt.

Did you see the video of Amy McDonaugh winning the Flying Pig Marathon (the video is fun to see - she's so happy!) and the Gretchen Reynolds' article about sugar and exercise? Bike riders did best if their sports drink contained both glucose and fructose and other info there, too. (This is the second time you've heard about this if you follow me on twitter.)


  1. oh yumminess!!! that sandwich and fries look so good! sounds like a great run! and yes, i did see that link to the sugar/exercise link this morning. i printed it out! going to try to use more sports drinks in the heat this summer.

  2. saw the video. amazing when all you can do is see just straight ahead of ya. amazing story.

    i could eat that pix.

  3. Hmmm I have the Garmin 405CX, I really need to learn to use it better:)
    You just motivate me!

  4. Yes, we have been spoiled here too with the late cool snap. I've enjoyed it, but I'm trying to "heat train" to get ready for some HOT AND HUMID 5ks. During training, the cool fronts come, and then race day, it's hot and humid and I'M NOT READY. This wk will be the same. Cool during the wk, and then it will be warm or hot for a the Sat. 6pm 5k. O'well - good things bad things right.

  5. mmm... your quick sweet potato idea sounds great. i need to add in the walnuts!

  6. Ladder? All I can think about now is fries!

    I need to get the workouts part of the Garmin figured out. I am terrible with manuals...

    52F sounds like Oregon- at noon. :) So, you lived in Eugene? When?? I am curious now! I grew up there.

  7. Oh, I lived in Eugene years ago for just a short time. Nice town!

  8. Blind! What an inspiration!!! Way to go Amy!
    (and those fries look yummy!)


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