Next Up: Kona Marathon!

When you run 20 (or 23) miles in training, you need to run a marathon.

When you need to run a marathon, you check race calendars.

When your husband says he needs a vacation, you say, how about Hawaii?

Kona Marathon, here I come! June 26 is race day.

This will be my first vacation to Hawaii. I'm searching online for fun adventures on the Big Island. So far, I've found waterfalls, volcanoes and black and green sand beaches.

Last week, I was wishing it wasn't so hot and humid, but today it just seemed like good preparation for my next marathon. I ran 7 miles with three harder miles thrown in, followed by a nice cold fruit smoothie.

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  1. oh wow! Even the race logo looks great! What a great race location :)

  2. Aloha and welcome to my neck of the woods....just a different island! You are going to love it! Be sure to check out the spinner dolphins too! They love Kealakekua Bay!

  3. Fun! It sounds like the perfect solution to your running and vacationing needs!

  4. this is the best idea ever. race and vacation in one.

    what a blast!!

  5. Now that sounds like fun!
    I love Big Island. It has everything the other islands do and more.

  6. Anonymous5/25/2011

    Wow, good luck, that sounds amazing! I'm a little jealous, but at least I can live vicariously via your recaps!

  7. best idea ever, how exciting!

  8. Oh yay you!!!! that is just awesome!

  9. Have a great time on the BIG island! I know you will love it :)

  10. Anonymous5/26/2011

    We had this book for Maui called "Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook". If they make the same one for Big Island get it. The one for Maui was fantastic and allowed for out of the beaten path options.
    Of course my MIL lives there too which helped

    Definitely go snorkeling. Go hike somewhere high up.
    Food wise have fresh local fruits, try the Ahi Poki (Hawaii's version of Sashimi), Lomi Lomi Salmon. Shave Ice is also a staple.
    And enjoy the race, that sounds like an awesome vacation.

  11. RunnerMom & Trailrunningchick - Thanks for the fun suggestions on what to do and eat in Hawaii!

  12. I'm so jealous of your travel adventures. Traveling and running marathons - life if good! So excited for you!

  13. Anonymous5/29/2011

    I ran Kona last year. It was very hot and humid. There is no shade on the course. Between mile 6 and 18, you are running on the main street in Kona without any cheer squad. There are rolling hills. If it is still the same course make sure you turn around at 13 miles. Most people didn't know the route and continued a mile down to the beach and back! The turnaround point wasn't well marked. We stayed at the host hotel and went to the beach next to it to snorkel. We saw the petroglyphs. My husband went night scuba diving to see the manatees. We went to some of the ancient ruin sites. I have small kids so we didn't do anything too adventurous. You can also go to the hilo side of the island to see the volcano. It won't let me sign in to my blogsite but this is from

  14. Croughwell, thank you for the tips - especially about the turn-around point! I read about the sunny course and lack of spectators so I'm okay with that (I think!). I'll have to prepare for hills and be my own cheerleader!

  15. Wow! I'm so happy for you! I've always wanted to go there, and what a great place to run a marathon too!

  16. Woo hoo! So excited for you!

  17. I would like to do the Kona Half someday (little scared of the full)...I've run the course for the half but haven't been there the right time of year. I have food suggestions too...mangoes are in season now, best ever! There's a farmer's market in Kona Town, open most days, tons of fruit and other stuff. I love the coffee at Java on the Rock in Kona, it's between the Royal Hawaiian Resort and Huggo's Restaurant (Huggo's is a good place to eat). We love to eat local plate lunch type food...kalbi ribs and lau lau (pork wrapped in taro leaf) and kalua pork are favorites. Ono is the most delicious fish. You can get it fancy but my favorite way is a grilled Ono sandwich. I'm not a sightseeing expert but one of the most beautiful places I've seen is Kapaau at the northern end of the Big Island. It was a rave run in Runners World and you can look it up don't have to run, it's a pretty easy hike. Have a great trip! Enjoy the marathon! So lucky you are accustomed ton heat and humidity!


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