Progression Run

Along My Running Route

Progression runs give you a pace goal to reach which gets faster during your run and that's a fun challenge.

I divided the run into three parts and the plan was to run the first part 30 seconds per mile slower than usual, the second part at the usual pace, and the third part faster, approaching marathon pace.

Here are my pace goals, followed by my actual pace:
  • Average for miles 1-3: 10:00/10:05
  • Average for miles 4-6: 9:30/9:16
  • Average for miles 7-9: 9:00/8:47
It was a humid 79° and I pushed hard into the wind. Seeing that I was meeting my goals during the middle part of my run gave me confidence for the rest of the run.

Garmins are great. I need mine to check my pace and distance, too, but one runner probably lost the Texas state record because he paid too much attention to his watch. At least he won the race. I hope he feels that way, too.

The talk of the town is the big competition taking place just north of Houston tomorrow: the Texas Ironman (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a marathon). I can't imagine!


  1. I love progressive runs, great job on yours! I can't imagine an ironman either, I'm still only doing half marathons.

  2. ooh....warm and humid! Good job on your run in that. I don't think i'll ever do an ironman triathlon. That's insanity. :)

  3. I will definitely be trying some progressive runs during my next training cycle. Good job on your run in such humid conditions!

  4. Progressive runs are one of my favorites! I love your strategy!

  5. That guy must be kicking himself big time!

  6. Might have to try that on the trail some time - that could really be a challenge depending on where the big hills fall!!! Have a great weekend Tina!


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