Tips for Finishing a Long Run

Hyde Park, London

While I was running, the temperature went from 80° to 88° - and that felt like 93°! I'm getting some good heat training and that's good for the Kona Marathon in 4 weeks.

I ran the first 6 miles easy-paced. I ran the next 6 miles faster, but the last 6 miles were a little hard to finish and I slowed down. I did better than I have in the past when it got hot, though. I knew what to expect, how it feels to run in the heat and not to feel badly when I slowed down.

I tried some tricks during the last 6 miles.
  • I tried to hit a certain pace (until my goal was just to finish).
  • I broke the run down into shorter segments.
  • I ran in a new place for awhile.
  • I tried to stay with runners who were running fast.
  • I saved my music for the later miles.
  • Because of the heat, I stopped to rest and stretch. I used to think that if I stopped, I wouldn't be able to start running again. Now, I know that I can always get going again.

I felt great when I was done - no heat troubles (no cramps or dizziness).

Pre-run: Powerbar Performance Energy bar and 1/2 banana
During run: Powerbar strawberry and tangerine gels (3 total), salt tab (mile 3, 8, 11, 14), lots of water
Post-run: chocolate milk with vanilla bean latte powder


  1. sounds great! i know it's harder now with the heat and a lot more to be aware of during these long runs. i'm very interested in trying the salt tabs. do you chew them? do you add anything to your water during runs (like Nuun or Zym) or is it just water? and what is the vanilla bean latte powder - whey? very interested! just email me if it's easier! :)

  2. I swallow the salt tabs with water. I'm just drinking water lately. The vanilla powder is just a Maxwell House "coffee beverage mix" that I add for taste sometimes.

    If one person wants to know, someone else might have the same questions, too so thanks for asking!

  3. Now that I am training for our backpacking adventure, it is interesting how many running lessons apply also to my training. But I can't wait to get back to more serious running when we are done. Miss those long runs. I never thought I would say that. :)

  4. Hi Tina! I'm totally with you on saving the music for the end of a long run. It definitely gives you a lift when you need it most.

  5. It certainly IS getting warm, isn't it? Thanks for the good tips. I might employ some of those for my sure to be steamy run Saturday!


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