15 Mile Run

I thought a lot about my running form today. I tried to run like the female triathlon winner I saw yesterday, my fingers relaxed and my hands close to my rib-cage, rather than letting them drop - it's a tired thing. I kept thinking about how strong she looked at the end of the race. I'm glad that my husband recorded the triathlon that was on tv for me yesterday.

After about a mile of running, I noticed that my Garmin wasn't recording my run. I hit start. It still wasn't working. Could I estimate 15 miles without my Garmin? I went into Runner's Survival Mode: yes! I've run this route a lot! But I did a soft reset and it started working. Phew! (For a soft reset on my Garmin 310XT, I hit mode & reset at the same time.)

I needed to add a mile every time I checked my distance, though. Every time I checked to see how far I had run, I added a mile -  kind of fun.

I picked up the pace after 3 miles and kept it up until I finished. Seeing that I was running faster than I expected on a hot day was great. I never even thought about stopping to walk. Maybe the cooler temperature helped - only 82° when I finished (felt like 87°). When I finished last week's long run, it was 94°.

Pre-run: Powerbar bar
During: 3 Powerbar gels, 2 ClifBloks (1 at a time, between gels)
Post-run: chocolate milk and lots of ice water
Average pace: 9:48/mile


  1. Great post! Don't you love it when technology fails you? I am glad you got things good to go again. My best story is when I had my husband and daughter drop me off for a 13 mile run ages ago. I was on the side of the road, alone, when I realized I didn't put my receiver back into my iPod for my Nike+ after charging. There was no recovery for me but I had run this area many times and twice as race courses so I did my best to estimate my distance.

  2. Like you, I am a visual person. I love seeing someone, like your triathlon lady, and having that good form in my mind or on tv to watch. Over and over. :-) Great!

  3. Good running. I love my Garmin, but they do have their problems... Hope yours is sorted now.

  4. i learn a great deal watching the elite runners. NO way will i ever be anything near them. at least i can watch them and try though.

  5. I hate not knowing the exact distance. Good job on running not walking in the heat.

  6. I've been trying to limit my reliance on technology for the past few months and find it quite liberating. Still, having those gadgets (as long as they work) is soooo much fun.

  7. Nice 15 miler! I'm impressed with how you toughed it out in the heat and didn't even need to walk at all!

  8. add a mile each time you checked the watch? I'd never stop running :)

    great job!

  9. Heh. What is a soft reset? I need to learn this trick just in case...
    I do a few mental checks on form too, when I am running. Usually it has to do with lean or arm swinging too far in.

  10. On my Garmin 310XT, I hit mode & reset at the same time for a soft reset. (I'll add that to my post.)

  11. Yay for cooler temps! Great job!


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