Fuel Belt Run

The two things I've been avoiding, even though they're lifesavers in the summer heat, are my treadmill and my fuel belt. I'd rather be outside and I'd rather not have to carry my drinks.

Unfortunately, most of the water fountains at Memorial Park are putting out lukewarm water now so I filled my fuel belt bottles with mostly frozen blueberry pomegranate Gu Brew. It's high in sodium to keep away cramps. Sometimes I just held the cold bottle in my hand or on my face to cool myself off.

I know that some people don't like running with a fuel belt. Mine really doesn't bother me, even though I'd rather leave it at home. It's not uncomfortable and holds a lot of running gear, too.

Today I ran 10 miles at a 10:04 average pace. That's my fastest pace since last Saturday. Maybe the cold drink helped. I know it helped my brain to know I had it.

Yesterday, I ran up and down short hills in the sunshine. I hope it's good preparation for running in sunny Kona (the marathon is 6/26). I hear the marathon route isn't shaded. Running on short hills isn't boring - the time went by quickly.

Temperature during my run: 74-81° with 74-86° heat index

I blogged about Gu Brew here.


  1. great job on the run!

  2. I've never tried running with a fuel belt, I just take a bottle in my hand instead, but it can be distracting. I really don't like treadmilles though- I spend the whole run wanting to stop!

  3. I finally started using a fuel belt a couple of years ago. Prior to that, I always dropped waters. Now I have a handheld, 2 different fuel belts (one holds a bottle of water, the other has the water bladder), and recently I purchased a camelbak backpack for more capacity. I like having the different fuel options for different mileage runs.

  4. I use mine for my long runs and once I got used to it, i don't even notice it anymore, plus I love having the hydration along.

  5. You're awesome running in that heat! I'm a fuel belt hater, too, but with the long summer runs coming (and along with them the dryness of CO) I may need to break mine out soon too.

  6. Fuel belts are essential in that kind of heat. On long runs, before I got mine, I sometimes had to knock on stranger's doors to beg a glass of water! Pete Bland Sports sell a good one with compression straps so it doesn't jiggle around at all.


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