Hawaii Day 4

I've had almost zero trouble getting up from a seated position since running the Kona marathon on Sunday, something that sometimes bothers me after a marathon. After the race, I sat in the cool ocean water, snacked soon after and stretched a little, too. Perhaps the hilly course is easier on a body than a flat course. Maybe all of the walking I've been doing has helped, too.

We drove along the Oahu coast, stopping for a picture of Halona Beach (top photo) and then stopping to swim at Kailua Beach (next photo). The water was chilly at first, but I got used to it. We watched the parasails float in the sky. We picked up sandwiches at a convenience store where they sold Gu gel - they should sell that everywhere!

Today I ate pineapple twice and ice cream twice, too. The Hula Pie at Duke's restaurant (live music, on the Waikiki beach) was delicious and large enough for two - macadamia nut ice cream pie with a brownie crust and hot fudge sauce.

I saw three hula performances because they're everywhere - beside the Aston hotel pool where we're staying, on Waikiki beach, the outside mall. 

I took 105 pictures today and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. (I do that every night lately!)


  1. Looks absolutely amazing!

  2. I'm new to your blog and love my first visit. Kona, wow! Just recently turned 45 and am starting my training for my 9th marathon.

    Looks like Kona is one I may have to check into :)

  3. so glad your recovery has been great! i bet you are enjoying the different foods there with a post marathon appetite! ;)
    my man would be so thrilled with me if i took 105 photos!!!


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