Hike. BBQ. Run.

On a short trip to San Antonio on Friday, I went hiking with my family at Friedrich Wilderness Park. It was nearly 100°, but it was still fun to hike through the trees and up and down the rocky trails.

Back on the freeway, we saw a Krispy Kreme and had to stop - it was National Donut Day and they make the best glazed donuts.


We drove to Lockhart, known for BBQ restaurants, where we ordered a small amount of beef brisket at four restaurants (Friday dinner and Saturday lunch) - we were conducting a BBQ experiment. Our favorite brisket was at Chisholm Trail and Black's, but I liked seeing the old Kreutz and Smitty's Market buildings. Closer to home, we often eat at Rudy's BBQ in Spring, Texas, but Lockhart meat tastes like it's been cooked longer, with even more flavor.

When I got home Saturday, I went for an evening run. Since it was 94°, my basic plan was just to finish. I was a little worried about running in the heat, but after a mile I sped up and kept the pace until the last cool down mile. I couldn't believe it: the heat didn't feel that bad! I think the low humidity (27%) helped. And with that 8 mile run, I've run 50 miles this week.


  1. wow, you're really stacking up the miles - NICE!
    we ate at a Rudy's in San Aton - i bought a ton of bbq sauce and brought it home. it lasted a year!

  2. That is a lot of miles. I love Krispie Kreme but none around here.

  3. That's awesome that you had a great run!
    My husband and I need to just get in our car and drive down south and do the BBQ taste test like y'all did - sounds fun!


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