Kona Marathon Coming Up!

My Ninth Marathon - Houston

I'll run my tenth marathon on June 26. I've never been to Hawaii before. I've never run a marathon and then gone to the beach and a volcano all on the same day, either.

My taper is going well. This morning I ran six miles at the park. I heard a runner tell another runner, "I will not let you stop!" We could all use a friend like that.

At the Kona marathon water stops, they'll be passing out Coke and Ultima Replenisher, but since I haven't trained with those drinks, I'll use water and gels unless I mistakenly pick up something else like the Kona marathoner who picked up some Coke and threw it on his head instead of water.

In training for Kona, I've run two 18 milers, two 20 milers, a 21 miler and a 23 miler (longest training run ever) and I've run in the heat and humidity. I'm ready! Even if the heat slows me down, it's going to be fun - I'll be in Hawaii!

The photo is from the Houston Marathon and I'm the one waving and wearing sunglasses. Doesn't everyone wear them in the rain?! (Except for all those other runners in the photo!) I trained in nice, cool weather, but race day was humid - tough race!


  1. Coke? WOW! Really?

    I must do the Kona Marathon.

  2. You ARE ready and you are going to have a blast as long as you don't pour Coke over your head.
    Good luck.

  3. Really? They hand out Cokes? I would stick to the water and my gels too. Good luck and have fun in Hawai'i!

  4. Running a marathon in Kona, Hawaii = AWESOME!! That will be an amazing experience!

  5. I've heard of using people using flat Coke, but I haven't tried it. I wonder if it will be flat? Otherwise, I think I would have lots of air bubbles and burping. Then if it's flat, I'm not sure if I could drink it. Hmmmm?

  6. Using flat Coke is popular in cycling - a quick sugar fix and a little caffeine boost. Plus, cola soothes the tummy. We have never been to Hawaii, either, so take lots of pics so we can pretend we are there, too! :-)

  7. You are going to love Hawaii--just take it all in on the race! The weather there will probably seem cool to you after where you've been running. That's a great pic of Houston, BTW.

    Big HMMMMMMM on the Coke. After a big race is the only time I let myself drink real Coke. But during? Don't think so.

  8. There were a lot of folks using flat coke at IMTX. Houston did not have great race day weather this year! But, at least we didn't have the monsoon they had predicted!

  9. Flat coke on the head. ugh. Have a great race :) I can't imagine a better location that Kona for a marathon. Even if it is hot, just enjoy the scenery.

  10. Have a fantastic race!!! Wow...Hawaii!
    I can't believe they give out coke...not sure I'd go for that. Good luck!

  11. Coke is like rocket fuel. But if you haven't trained with it, you are smart tom stay away from it!
    You are going to ROCK this marathon! Hey, you ran a marathon in January in Hugh humidity and heat, you can do ANYTHING!

    And I wore my sunglasses too in Houston- kept the rain outa a my eyes!

    Good luck and have a GREAT race!!!

  12. I have a friend that ran this race and loved it. Sounds like you are ready! Good luck and have a wonderful trip!

  13. Sm runner6/22/2011

    Have a great time! Hawai is great. Hot, but you'll be use to that. Soak up the experience!!!! Finish strong!

  14. Have an amazing time in Hawaii! Enjoy every moment of the marathon. What an awesome thing to be able to experience the Kona Marathon. Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  15. Good luck! Have a great time!!


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