Kona Marathon Expo and the Beach

We landed in Kona, Hawaii last night! After stopping at the farmer's market for apple-bananas (a sweet banana), we headed to Pololu Trail. The steep trail took us down to a black sand beach and took about 45 minutes to walk. The water made a sort of clicking sound as the waves went back into the ocean and fell over the rocks. We had the beach mostly to ourselves.

Later, I picked up my race packet at the Kona Marathon expo, a small expo, just like I expected. I think it took me ten minutes to see everything. That's good - I already did plenty of walking today.

For dinner, we went to the marathon pre-race dinner and I ate spaghetti and squash/zucchini covered in cheese and pasta sauce, a wheat roll and a small piece of chocolate cake, by choice! After the race, I can splurge!

A few runners, including Frank Shorter, spoke at the dinner. We saw him earlier today, too, leading a group of runners through Kona along the marathon route. He's in the gray shorts.

See you after marathon #10!


  1. Good luck! My husband was in Kona yesterday for work and texted me "Is there a marathon or something going on here? There are a lot of fit people walking around!". What a beautiful place to run 26.2!

  2. Thanks, Patty! I was surprised at all of the runners on Alii drive yesterday here in Kona - getting one more easy run, I think.

  3. Enjoy and have a good vacation too.

  4. Thanks! I'm eating a Powerbar and apple-bananas now - getting ready!

  5. I LOVE Kona!!! Have a great running vacation! I hope your race goes/went well!!
    Hope you have some time to see the volcano and the falls on the other side of the island :)

  6. So gorgeous! Have fun exploring!

  7. I LOVE apple bananas!!! Have fun!


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