Kona Marathon Race Recap Part 2

Official finishing time: 4:20:44
Average pace: 9:57/mile
Placed 8th out of 44 in 40-49 age group. (I'm 45.)
No chip used at this race. I started near the start line. I didn't know when to press start. I didn't see the start line, but my husband did.

According to my Garmin: 4:20:42 (Really close to official time.)
Average pace: 9:52/mile
Distance: 26.41 miles (probably my own fault it was long, it's hard to know where the edge of the course is if you don't have a curb bordering the route)

Mile 25 felt like the longest mile!  I stopped to walk - I was tired. I had a cramp in my right foot and when I ran, I stomped my foot down which helped a little - maybe because I flexed the front of my foot when I stomped down. 

My face had salt on it when I finished. The salt, terrible leg and foot cramps after the finish - that happens on my hot training runs. Maybe taking salt tabs would have helped, but I dropped them on the course. I heard them fall out of my pocket when I grabbed a gel, but I kept running, thinking I'd be okay.

Since we were at or near the beach, it was windy. Sometimes, it was nice, but I had to remind myself to push hard into it so that it didn't slow me down. It did, though.

Since we were near the beach, I had great beach views! I could also see a mountain and part of the course went through a lava rock field. I saw flowers as big as my head. I saw pretty little bright yellow birds I've never seen before, too.

When I finished the race, my husband asked me about the heat. I said it didn't feel too bad, but only about five minutes later I felt sick, probably from the heat. I didn't even want my post-run chocolate milk.

My husband made a few trips over to the post-race food for me because all I wanted to do was stand still with my head down. Finally, after some oranges, watermelon and cold water (no Gatorade around - that sounded good) and my husband fanning me, I felt a little better. I sat in the ocean water and then we sat on a bench and cheered for the runners finishing and soon I felt normal again.

I slathered myself in sunscreen and Body-glide beforehand, but I got slightly sunburnt on my face (that might be from driving with the jeep top down later, though). I'm happily surprised that I was hardly sunburnt. I am chafed on my back from my waistband - I think I forgot to Body-glide there. 

Pre-race: Vanilla Crisp Powerbar and apple bananas (a fruit found in Hawaii, tastes like a sweet banana)
During race: 4 Powerbar gels (more sodium than Gu), 4 margarita Clif Shot Bloks (more sodium in that flavor) and lots of water. Oh, and one swallow of Ultima - volunteer mistakenly told me it was water and I didn't look beforehand. At least I didn't throw it on my head to cool off!

My goal going into this was a 10:00/mile pace if it was a warm day so I'm really happy with my finish time. It was a fun race - except for the tough parts! I'd do it again if I could! This was my 10th marathon and it was my favorite one.

Kona Marathon Race Recap Part 1


  1. Woo-hoo, Tina! Sounds like you had a great day, all in all! Extra bonus is to have your wonderful hubby run you down with a bottle of water and then fetch you food afterward! The pics look like it was cloudy??? That probably was a blessing to help some with the heat. Are you home yet? Do we get more pics from your trip? Glad you had a fun time!

  2. Thanks, K! Yes, I forgot to write that we had some clouds, but not the whole time. Clouds are great!

    We've got more vacation coming up. It's hard to find the time to post about our vacation, but I like updating my blog. I'll look back later and enjoy our vacation all over again. : )

  3. congrats! and thanks for sharing your fueling, I'm always super interested in how others fuel

  4. Aloha Tina, Your husband is a dear and it is so great to have someone there for you at the end. Enjoy the rest of your vacation now.

    I never really think about salt when I run so it is interesting to hear how you really factor in the sodium. I would love to learn more about this.

  5. Wow, a marathon on vacation - that's MY idea of a great trip! Awesome run. FYI, I have splashed Gatorade on my head before, felt good at the time, but really sticky later! Great job again!

  6. It sounds like you did great! Love that you met your goal and saw such neat sights. Your husband sounds great.

  7. Great job, Tina! Your husband sounds like a great support crew. Now can you enjoy the rest of your trip? :^)

  8. Awesome job Tina!! What a great addition to a vacation, and your husband is too cute for video taping you and bringing you water! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  9. Great job Tina! I loved reading your posts :) Have an amazing rest of the trip there!

  10. You did AWESOME! Way to go on #10!!!
    I'm so impressed you were able to maintain a sub 10 pace in that heat and wind. And to finish at the beach? Priceless. You ran a smart race girl, so proud!

  11. LOVED reading your recap! So glad to hear the reace went well overall and you were up to more exploring after! Congrats on your 10th Marathon!!! How exciting to have run it in HI!!

  12. Great video, Tina! Loved seeing you, salt and all :)

    The flowers big as your head- that part almost makes me want to do a race in the tropics... Almost. Ha. I would need lots and LOTS of ice at those water stations.

  13. thanks for the comment. we were both in paradise at the same time!! Sounds like a great marathon! Congrats. Running on the islands is crazy with the humidity. Loved reading about all your explorations!

  14. Congrats, Tina!! You did awesome, and I love that this was your favorite one. It sounds amazing! What a great experience and memory to have.


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