North Face Running Skirt

North Face Running Skirt
I ran 18 miles in my very first running skirt this week. Why do I really, really like my North Face running skirt?

  • 3 pockets! I can fit 3 gels in each of the leg pockets on the boyshorts, if I want, and the back zippered pocket holds my phone.
  • Boyshorts - if it's windy, I'm covered.
  • No chafing. 
  • No riding up.
  • The skirt does not flare out at the bottom of the skirt, but is straight down my legs.
  • Lightweight fabric. It doesn't feel heavy when soaked.
  • A small hole for my Ipod shuffle wire.

I found the skirt at REI, but you can find it at a number of places online if you search for the Eat My Dust skirt.

I also tried an REI brand running skirt - the REI Fleet Skort, maybe. I didn't like the heavier fabric and the flaring skirt.

I ran some 800's today. I wasn't the only one sweating on this humid morning. Just seeing other runners out there helped me to finish my 10 mile run.

In travel news, not only am I going to Kona for the marathon on June 26, but I'm also flying to Oahu so I'm busy looking for fun things to do there online. It's a fun search.

Happy National Running Day!

Update: The skirt that is now being sold in 2013 has a shorter short inseam (3-3.5") - too short for me if I plan on using the pockets on the shorts.


  1. I love your skirt! I have one in a boring black and was considering it for my marathon running skirt just because of the multiple pockets. You are going to love O'ahu and Kona! Have a great trip and run.

  2. Woo-hoo! Your very first running skirt and a lovely one it is! The color is beautiful! I love running skirts - they are comfy and make me feel feminine. Can't wait to see a photo of you in the whole ensemble! Also, we are SO excited for you to do the Kona Marathon! What a fantastic setting - hoping for a speedy race, fun memories, and LOTS of spectacular pics!

  3. I am a huge fan of running skirts! Yours is too cute :) I might be a little jealous of the three pockets ... ha ha!

  4. I love your skirt. I really like the fun designs on the sides and it is a great color. I love running in skirts. So jealous of the travel plans. but Yay how fun for you!

  5. Love that skirt!

  6. oh so neat! i will have to try this one after reading your opinion. i got a brooks one but sent it back after i felt extremely uncomfy from the boy shorts riding up so badly!
    adjusting to the heat yet? it's rough!!!


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