North Face Running Top

Here's my new top that goes with my Eat My Dust running skirt. Not only did the skirt and top work well on the run, but I'll probably wear them at the beach, too.

My shoulders were cool when the wind blew over my sweaty back as I ran through the shade. I like running clothes with pockets and this top has two pockets in the front of the straps. They're small, just large enough to hold a key or lip balm. The front is just solid blue, but there's a print on the back which I think they should have put on the front, too.

Houston reached 100° yesterday - not while I was running my 7 miles, but it was hot. I read that the Kona Marathon (June 26) might have a place where you can run under a mist of water. That would be nice.


  1. Oooh, 100 degrees?! We haven't reached that yet here in N. Texas but I'm sure it's coming. We're just in the mid-90s, hehe. Thankfully I got a summer membership at our university rec center, where I can run on the indoor track. That would be so nice to run under mists of water!!

  2. running under a mist of water sounds like pure bliss these days!! i went out of my way today to go through two sprinklers! it was a quick relief!
    love that top - and pockets are a total bonus!


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