Taper Time

Look at this running hat with pockets. I could use that!

Also at GoneForARun, I saw this ROO Hydration Bottle. When empty, it rolls up and fits in a pocket. Looks like it would be handy for vacations.

Today I ran 3 x 1000m (.62mi) with 400m recovery jogs. Times for those 1000m: 9:05, 8:52, 8:34/mile. My goal was to run comfortably fast.    

While running those 1000m, I saw a couple of funny things that were welcome distractions. First, two ladies, each with a little dog, were racing each other down the running path, laughing all the way. Then, two guys with a soccer ball were kicking it across the path just ahead of me. If it came right to me, I was going to kick it right back to one of them. I didn't get the chance to try that, though.

Today I just ran 7 miles. I say "just" because I'm in taper mode now and felt like I could have run a lot farther - a good feeling since the Kona Marathon is only 11 days away.

I read something helpful at Sweat Science: we can always do more than we think we can. I'm trying to get that into my head. I'll need it in 11 days.


  1. Enjoy Kona! We just got back earlier this month...it's beautiful!!!

  2. Oooh, I need both of those things! :) And that's awesome about those two ladies racing, haha. Have a great taper week!

  3. just remember - you will be doing it in Paradise! Have fun!

  4. I totally want that hat!!!!

  5. I love those collapsible bottles for backpacking too. Soo lightweight.

  6. That water bottle is awesome! And I need any hat. And that one is extra cool.

    Enjoy the taper (if that is possible)!!

  7. Love the hat and bottle! Best of luck at Kona!

  8. I thought you already had the hat with pockets??????? I know how you LOVE pockets!!! :-)

  9. You're right, that roll up bottle would be perfect for travel! Enjoy your taper!


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